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Nerds Without Pants Episode 171: Leap Year Business

You only turn 10 twice!

Hey, folks! Welcome back to Nerds Without Pants. This week, we get all corporate on your asses as we talk about our favorite (?) businesses in video games. We’ve also got a game to give away this week, and lots of fun stuff to talk about in Consumption Junction, so strap in for a fun ride!

00:00-05:30 Intro, Great Game Giveaway winner announced

05:44-1:28:20 STAGE SELECT: Top 3 Video Game Businesses/Corporations

1:28:42-2:41:46 CONSUMPTION JUNCTION: Julian’s second 10th birthday, introducing a newbie to video games, Diablo 3, Julian’s first tattoo, the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo, Gran Blue Fantasy Versus, Stardew Valley


STAGE SELECT: Describe the wrestling game of your dreams. If you hate wrestling, tell us what would get you interested in playing a wrestling game for the first time.

VIDEO GAME CAGE MATCH: Doom: Eternal vs Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Our theme song, “Relax”, and interstitial tracks “To the Maxx” and “Moody Grooves” written, composed, and performed by Megan McDuffee.




03/12/2020 at 01:21 AM

Your thumbnail picture reminds me of amused I was with some of the  product placement in FFXV. The crew camped out using Coleman camping gear, and most of the shops in Tenebrae took American Express. And I know a famous fashion designer designed some of the costumes in the game, she got a lot of product placement as well. FYI, Vault 112 was a virtual reality simulation run by a mad scientist where the "good" solution was to sabotage the life support system, allowing the inhabitants to die in real life. 

Stage Select:

Wrestling isn't my cup of tea. I did play the occasional WWF game in the NES/SNES era. I might try wrestling if it were included as a mini-game in a RPG or adventure; Twilight Princess had a couple of sumo-wrestling segments in it that were kind of fun. I did notice that Take-Two doesn't seem to be using Yukes anymore for its WWE games and is trying to just utilize their California studio, Visual Concepts. Maybe if FFVII Remake included it in the Wall Market segment or the Gold Saucer arcade.

Cage Match:

I'm going to go against type here and vote for Doom: Eternal over AC. Doom is my go-to for first-person shooting action. I'm actually waiting on the Switch version of Doom: Eternal, which apparently impressed id Software with how well done it was. While Nintendo is far and away my favorite publisher/developer, Animal Crossing is not one of my favorite Nintendo franchises. Other than dabbling in the original Gamecube game, I've never gotten into it. So there you have it: I voted for a US-made FPS over a life sim made by Nintendo.

Exrian Contributing Writer

03/12/2020 at 01:52 PM

That was some good podcasting. I liked the videogame companies idea since it something I tend to forget all about. Nice tattoo Julian. I didnt know it was yours until you mentioned it. 

Glad that Stardew Valley is a hit. I still need to check it out. If Animal Crossing wasnt out so soon I would have tried it. I haven't tried the FF7 demo because I'm going to borrow the game from my friend when he's done. 

I cant believe I didn't think of Umbrella either. Great choice. This Stage Select should be interesting. 


Stage Select: I'd go for a nice mix of the old arcade one where moves were over the top but with the controls of the golden era N64 games like No Mercy. Imagine piledrivers where they can fly high like when someone in NBA Jam is on Fire. 

Definitely need a solid create a character mode. There must be a way to go into the back rooms by going up the ramp. Tons of crazy ass weapons. Wrestlers from all eras and companies would be fun. Also throw in some crazy off the wall ones kind of like how WCW/NWO Revenge did. 

All the match types you can think of also including ones that have been lost to time like Coffin Matches, Fire Matches, and such. They also need to add that water arena that WCW would use every so often. 


Cage Match: Doom guy blows the head off a demon and is on his way back to Earth. He is ready to tear up some demons but finds himself in a quaint little village on some island. Here he is greeted by a nice raccoon and friendly dog. 

The raccoon offers a home with no interest to worry about. He could theoretically never make a single payment and keep his tiny quaint home if he wanted. Doom guy is overwhelmed by his generosity and cries. The kind yellow dog hugs him and tells him that whatever worries he had before cant hurt him anymore. He enjoys a nice serenade from the dog playing guitar and eats a piece of fruit that is freshly plucked from the tree. Doom guy is happy and will live a quiet life with new friends. 

Winner: Both!!!

Super Step Contributing Writer

03/14/2020 at 01:59 AM

I want Wild Jackson to be a character you fight in Yakuza now ... And to have Tom Nook be the main loan shark baddie in that world.




Honestly, I think we're ready for a wrestling game in the style of No Mercy, WWE 2K whatever, etc. but with video game characters. Like a wrestling Smash Bros. but with cross platform characters. 


Otherwise, just a limitless customization system with every copyrighted song known to man available for intro music. 


I already like wrestling games fine, so maybe that's why I'm not being as creative with this. 


Happy birthday, Julian! Actually just got done with early celebrations with family for my own. 


"If the numbers are bigger, that's what I pick." My life philosophy. 




I own Doom (2016) and enjoy it fine, and I have not played all that much of Animal Crossing, and when I played the Gamecube original I HATED the voices and couldn't get far without a memory card dedicated to just that game. 


However, right now I'm about to go to sleep and AC sounds a lot more relaxing than Doom; plus, there needs to be a Pixlbit vote for AC now that SanAndreas has voted otherwise. I vote for Animal Crossing: Eternal Wrath.


Dig the tattoo by the way, Julian. 


I need to play the FFVII demo if still available. 

I think you made Julian climax when telling him the numbers go up in Stardew Valley.

Casey Curran Staff Writer

03/16/2020 at 02:13 PM

Stage Select: Not a big wrestling fan but I do love Iron Sheik and would be down for a beat em up starring him. 

Cage Match: Doom Eternal. I really loved Doom 2016 and a grappling hook sounds like a perfect addition. I might buy Animal Crossing too but it's a lower priority than Doom.

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