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Nerds Without Pants   

Nerds Without Pants Episode 201: Hammering on the Taunt Button

Thank you, Brad, Vinny, and Alex.

Welcome to another episode of Nerds Without Pants! Wait, that sounds like a hackey YouTube intro. Hey, welcome back here with another video! Like, what else would it be? It’s a video platform, you don’t need to point out it’s a video. Also, take it down like, 8 notches. You’re talking about video games, not the second coming. Anyway, it doesn’t matter what I put here because no one reads the show notes. VIDEO GAMES!

00:00-27:20 Introduction, the end of Giant Bomb as we know it

27:35-1:27:48 STAGE SELECT: Best video game taunts, quips, and burns

1:29:00-2:47:26 CONSUMPTION JUNCTION: Nier Replicant, Resident Evil VII, Resident Evil Village, Persona 5 Royal, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

2:48:03-3:06:54 VIDEO GAME CAGE MATCH: Sonic Adventure 2 vs Mario Golf Toadstool Tour

3:06:54-3:16:06 Outro and outtakes

Our theme song “Relax” and interstitial tracks “To the Maxx” and “Moody Grooves” are written and performed by Megan McDuffee.




05/21/2021 at 11:19 PM

Okay, I missed the 200th episode due to a bad COVID vaccine reaction (I had a couple high concept ideas, maybe I can repurpose them) and then I accidentally missed the last episode.  Whoops!  So I'll just catch up a bit here:

Oh, things that didn't hit in episode 199 about my post: The "favorite mini-games" pick would be a good question for others, that's all I meant.  I never really liked the "favorite games" question, I've played hundreds of games in dozens of genres, it's too general for me and fairly obvious in others to figure out.  Also, pretty similar to games of the generation, especially hearing other's picks.  The image I sent was for the Chex Quest HD anthology comic I own which, fun fact, I did not even buy for myself!  I thought it would be more neat than just saying "Oh, I own this," but boy were you guys not jiving my feedback that episode.

I had a bunch picked out for video game taunts, quips, or burns.  "Go home and be a family man" is the one I think of most often but that's been covered to here and back.
    Probably the taunt that has crept the most into my vernacular is "Show me your moves!" by Captain Falcon in Smash Bros.  It's a goofy, energetic line that is absolutely spammed to hell by Captain Falcons so you're going to hear it a dozen times a minute, every minute.  Personally, I can't help but think of it (as a response) when somebody is trying to say something badass in a video game and it just goes over so lamely.
    Any Pokey burn in Earthbound.  But another line that stings is by his father, Aloysius Minch.  "By the way, I would be happy if you left sometime soon. I'm tired of your family living next door. We've loaned your father a lot of money."  Jeez.
    For quips, especially bizzare one-liners, I have early Mega64 video quotes stuck in my head from Shenmue and Resident Evil for the rest of time.  "Excuse me, what can you tell me about the four wudu?" "Do you know where I can find some sailors around here?" "Would you like to try a game of Lucky Hit?" "Can you tell me where I can find a man called Lan Di?" "What are you buyin'?  What are you sellin'?  Come back anytime."

Let's see, impressions about this episode.
    Oh, that Mr. Delicious thing is great btw, definitely a good example of the type of "real" and sardonic ads that were popular in the 90s (especially later).  Give that guy a Twitter account.
    I saw my sibling play Nier Replicant and it seemed pretty breezy although they should've cut a lot of the grinding out (the biggest differences besides the music are of the gameplay but that wasn't really the worst part of Nier so...).  It actually didn't take them long to 100% it but still how much of that was really gameplay?  About Julian's hate of Automata, I'm also of the opinion that Nier Automata is kinda lacking in the story department compared to the first Nier (there's a couple good twists and stuff of course but even the characters just aren't up to snuff).
    Moving on, I loved the gross fridge realism comment!  I think games should go the opposite direction and make their photorealism like Pee-Wee's Playhouse.  Realistic faces, Nickelodeon GAK in the fridge.
    The games I'm most excited for coming out: Astalon: Tears of the Earth (an indie game in the retro style of Legacy of the Wizard and The Maze of Galious, early adventure games with an emphasis on action platforming and a sprawling more open world), ULTRAKILL (an indie that's a mix between a FPS and a character action game, lotta trick shots and counters), and Deathloop by Arkane Studios of course.

I think that's it!  Can't wait to see what comes next especially with the break tease!  I don't know if I mentioned it but I listened to all of The List.  It made me pretty nostalgic and reminded me how many PSX sequels I still have to check out sometime.

Julian Titus Senior Editor

05/25/2021 at 01:52 PM

Sometimes we're not too bright. Ok, most of the time. Thanks for the comment! I owned Legacy of the Wizard as a kid and could never figure that game out at all. I think San Andreas said it is in the series that gave us the Trails of Cold Steel games? I don't know. You two make me feel like I know very little about video games by comparison.

Glad you enjoyed The List! Yep, that's a very good thing...

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