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Nerds Without Pants   

Nerds Without Pants Episode 205: NWP TRL

A lot of parentheses this episode.

It’s another massive episode of Nerds Without Pants. Don’t blame me, this is all Justin’s fault. No time to get pithy, here we go!

00:00-6:33 Introduction

6:44-4:04:54 STAGE SELECT: NWP Total Request Live(ish)

4:05:05-4:54:36 CONSUMPTION JUNCTION: The Ascent, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Nightbook, Julian got an Evercade

4:55:14-5:13:47 VIDEO GAME CAGE MATCH: Final Fantasy VIII vs Chrono Cross

5:13:56-5:23:18 Outro and outtakes


STAGE SELECT: What book(s) would you like to see adapted into a video game? Get creative!

VIDEO GAME CAGE MATCH: Loaded vs Crusader: No Remorse


Twitter: @NWPcast


Our theme song “Relax” and interstitial tracks “To the Maxx” and “Moody Grooves” are written and performed by Megan McDuffee.



Philistine (No More Heroes 2), Intro Theme (Starsky and Hutch: The Video Game), The Runaround Pt II & III (Final Fantasy VII Remake Intermission), Overworld- Ragtime Mix (Super Mario Bros 2), Edge of Time (13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim), Seaside Vacation (13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim), The Moon-80s Synthwave Remix (DuckTales), Nocturne in Blood (Killer Instinct), White Requiem II (BlazBlue), Title Music (Xenon: Fantasy Body), Lead the Van (Dragon Knight 4), BGM 3 (Hole Chaser), K.I. Feeling (Killer Instinct), We’re the River City Girls (River City Girls), Anxious Heart (Final Fantasy VII Remake), Main Theme (Batman: Arkham City), Total Head Control (DreamWeb), Menu and King Theme (Ultima: Exodus), It’s Time to Make History (Persona 4: Golden), Eternal Wind (Final Fantasy III), Mirror B’s Retro Groove (Pokemon Colosseum), The Rebuilt Jedi Enclave (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2), Doll Graveyard (Forever Kingdom), Mysterious (Mario Paint), To the Future (Trails of Cold Steel IV), Overdose (Blue Reflection), Rivellon (Divinity: Original Sin 2), Bokurano Network-Off Vocal (Dragalia Lost), Snake Eating Ground (Bravely Default), Break the Targets (Super Smash Bros. Melee), Adventure, Puzzle (Fez), Small Two of Pieces Screeching Shards (Xenogears), Final Fantasy XIV medley by 40 artists (Final Fantasy XIV), Main Theme (Xenoblade Chronicles), Mind Game (Prey), Song of the Ancients-Hollow Dreams (Nier), Estel-Round 1 (Streets of Rage 4)





08/11/2021 at 05:15 PM

Garriott got the Lord British nickname from the University of Oklahoma, of all places. He didn't have an accent, he just said "Hello" instead of "Hi." He was born in Cambridge, England. His dad is Owen Garriott, an astronaut originally from Enid, OK. i understand he used to open his Austin home up as a haunted house in the 90s. I wish I could have gone.

Distant Worlds is still going on. In fact, they're doing a concert in Phoenix in March highlighting FF7R. Uematsu doesn't attend much, he's been having health issues. I got to meet him at Distant Worlds in Omaha in 2013. He autographed my FF9 cover art. It also happened to be his birthday.

And I rather like these music episodes. I know they take a lot of time and effort to put together though.


08/11/2021 at 06:04 PM

Stage select:

I've always wanted The Stand to be adapted into a RPG. King himself described the book as his version of The Lord of the Rings saga. It would be a good fit for a Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest-style game. You'd follow the sagas of Stu/Fran, Nick/Tom/Ralph, and Larry in Part One, Part Two would be set in Boulder, and Part 3 would be the final big confrontation with Flagg. There are so many characters that could act as enemies and bosses. You could probably do a Final Fantasy VI setup with this book. The Eyes of the Dragon, which also features Flagg, might be a good RPG except that the protagonist spends most of the book locked up in a tower, weaving an escape rope out of cloth napkins.

On a side note, my other favorite author, Douglas Adams, was actually adapted into a computer game. There was a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy text adventure made by Infocom. It loosely followed the plot of the first book up until the landing on Magrathea.

I remember that Game Informer had the idea of adapting Old Yeller as a first-person shooter in one of its April Fools' issues.

Cage Match:

You know how you said I know a lot about video games? Well that's true, but you managed to find a couple of holes in my knowledge with this one. I've never played either of these games. I did hear of Loaded in the pre-FF7 PS1 days, and I only have the fuzziest recollection of Crusader: No Remorse. I'm going to go with Crusader because it was made by Origin Systems. 

Casey Curran Staff Writer

08/20/2021 at 06:10 PM

Stage Select

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- Specifically American McGee's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Seeing his twisted take on Alice in Wonderland made me want to see him tackle more books and I think this would be a perfect fit. When you think about it Willy Wonka is basically a slasher villain taking out the kids one by one.

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