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Nerds Without Pants Episode 227: Summon the Air Horn!

Yeah, I'm checked out.

Hey folks, welcome back to Nerds Without Pants! Julian is on vacation, so these show notes are gonna be super basic. Xavier Kreiger joins us again to talk about our favorite summons in video games, and lots of other things. Also, Justin got a soundboard. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

STAGE SELECT: Favorite video game summons

CONSUMPTION JUNCTION: Trails of Cold Steel, Fire Emblem Three Hopes, Ms Marvel, AI: Somnium Files

VIDEO GAME CAGE MATCH: Fatal Fury vs Evil Zone


STAGE SELECT: What are 3 “missing in action” franchises that you would like to see come back? (They should be series that didn’t get a game in the PS4 generation and have not had anything announced for this generation)


OUR FIRST TAG TEAM MATCH! Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1&2 vs Mass Effect 1&2


Twitter: @NWPcast


Our theme song “Relax” and interstitial tracks “To the Maxx” and “Moody Grooves” are written and performed by Megan McDuffee.





07/06/2022 at 07:19 PM

Stage Select:

3. Kid Icarus. I would like to see this return as a full-fledged third-person platforming/action/shooting adventure with freedom of movement. Of all of Nintendo's dormant series, this is easily the one I most want to return. 

2. Earthbound/Mother. I've pretty much accepted that this series is gone for good. I would at least settle for a Switch port of Mother 3. On that, I've heard various theories from Nintendo insiders that Nintendo was looking at a Switch port, but nixed it. One theory is that Nintendo rejected it because they simply thought that some of the content was too problematic for the United States, and that localizing it would be a no-win situation. Reggie Fils-Aime continues to insist that it was purely a business decision, though Reggie always seemed to have a lot of antipathy towards RPGs during his tenure at Nintendo. I kind of lean towards the former explanation. The bowdlerization that Nintendo employed in the 1990s wouldn't fly anymore, judging by the Twitter hostility towards some of NoA's decisions regarding Fire Emblem Fates and Tokyo Mirage Sessions. On the other hand, I can just see Ron DeSantis or some other politician flipping his lid about some of the content in the game.

It's also telling that as zealous as Nintendo is about copyright protection, that they have never really made any serious attempts to go after the well-known fan translation of Mother 3. They know it exists, and the translation team even sent letters to Nintendo saying they would provide the translation as an official translation free of charge, or that if Nintendo wanted to do its own localization that they would take their localization down. Typically that kind of thing results in C&D letters from Nintendo's legal team, but not in this case. So it's pretty safe to say Nintendo has washed its hands of the whole thing and is willing to leave the fan translation alone as a compromise.  At this point, Xenoblade Chronicles pretty much fills Nintendo's traditional RPG niche.

1.This one is kind of iffy according to your criteria thanks to a very late PS4 port, but I would really like to see Virtua Fighter 6. Virtua Fighter is my favorite fighting game franchise of all time. I always preferred it over Tekken, both for the visual design and for the gameplay mechanics. It's an elegant system that works on just three buttons. We got a little taste of the series when Ryu ga Gotoku Studios worked with AM2 on a PS4 port of VF5, a game which originally came out 16 years ago. Virtua Fighter deserves another chance to shine.

Cage Match:

In this battle of Bioware space games, I'm going to give it to store-brand Star Wars over Star Wars, just because the games had a lot more time to advance in technology and design, plus I have never had an easy relationship with licensed games, for the most part. I have also never really gotten into Bioware's game design. I've tried Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and Jade Empire, and always end up going back to Bethesda or CD Projekt.  

The tag-team cage match actually looks like a good concept. I'd like to propose a future cage match of Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Symphonia versus Dragon Quest VIII and Dragon Quest XI. 

Cary Woodham

07/10/2022 at 10:16 PM

Stage Select:

1. I want a new Tomba game.  There were only 2 of them on the PSOne.  They were made by a long dead company called Whoopee Camp, headed by a designer who worked on games for Capcom like Ghosts N Goblins and Mega Man.  They were great 2-D platformers.

2. Steambot Chronicles.  This was a Japanese kind of open world game where you play in the early 20th century in industrial revolution times, but instead of driving around Model T's, you drive bipedal mechs that you can battle.  There was one game on the PS2, a side game on the PSP that focused on battling, and a game where the characters play the board game Blokus on the PSP.  There was going to be a sequel on the PS3, but Irem went out of business.  In Japan, this game series was called Bumpy Trot.

3. Tail Concerto.  This was a 3-D action game where you are a police dog named Waffle driving a mech trying to catch criminal kittens.  The team behind this game later went to do a lot of the .hack games.  Later they came back and did a sequel called Solatorobo on the DS, but it didn't have the charm of the original game.  They had too much .hack anime influences by then!  Still a fun game, though, and I'd like to see them return to the charm and innocence of the original if they did another one.

I know you said only list three, but I'd also like to add that if Capcom released Mega Man Legends 3 on a new console that I don't have, I would totally buy that console.  Better yet, a sequel to The Misadventures of Tron Bonne.


07/15/2022 at 05:04 AM

Ooh, I hate this question.  No offense intended, I feel it's just one of my real life monkey paw types of situations.  I wanted a new Castlevania for years (not that Bloodstained isn't great but I was open to it) and I got a, real quote, "Erotic Violence" pachislot machine followed by a mobile game that had a beta test in North America, released only in Canada, then was cancelled in the US at the last minute, only to somehow arrive years later but only on Apple Arcade?  No idea.  I am a Mirror's Edge fan and then years later Catalyst came out which got rid of all the hand-crafted levels and for whatever reason triple-downed on the much maligned combat.  True story, it doesn't quite count but I almost backed Mighty No. 9 for $99 but was "saved" at the last minute due to some bad news.  Heck, just today it was announced that Sk4te (pronounced Skuh-number four-teh of course), a revival that surprised the heck out of me, is going to be some sort of multiplayer F2P mess so not exactly looking forward to that anymore.  Great stuff.  I could go on and on.  While I kinda like the game, my sibling still owns a Deus Ex: Invisible War preorder t-shirt, and this was somehow even before I really got into the series.  Okay, that's enough.  TONY HAWK 5!

But let's ruin some more series why not, I'll just blame *you* guys when they announce some NFT garbage literally the day after this airs or something.  And I'll try and pick some oddballs so that doesn't happen.

Number 3: Goemon aka Mystical Ninja.  A bunch of decent SNES games and two really solid N64 games, that's enough to rake in the nostalgia vibes, so why not?  Oh, wait, more Pachislot, damn.  Actually, one of the reasons I wanted to bring this up is that I did play the Nintendo DS version in Japanese (which was the last real sequel) and thought it was really decent.  Maybe too "this is a Nintendo DS game with Nintendo DS controls dammit!" but that's certainly not unique for its time.  Heavily Japanese, some voice acting, and with a unique font and text layout, there was no chance of it being localized despite them also putting money into a GBA collection for Japan at the time.

Number 2: Boktai.  A charming little adventure/stealth series with lots of action and puzzles, the director, who is not Kojima, is still at Konami and working on an unannounced game.  But it's not going to be Boktai, I'll tell you that.  Maybe more Metal Gear: Survive, if you're lucky (?).  The final one, Lunar Knights, wasn't as good as the first two but I remember it had its charm.  But maybe it's good to be optimistic?  Even if it's rainin' cats 'n' dogs, a sunflower holds its head up high.  Taiyooooooooooh!

Number 1: How about Kid Icarus?  I actually don't know much about the Nintendo 3DS one but I always hear good things if you don't mind the controls instantly transforming your hands into little lobster claws.  They should remake that, I don't even care if they have to totally redo it, or just do a non-sequel like Star Fox Zero.  Smash Bros is over, right, what else is Sora Ltd. doing?  Certainly nothing as important as Kid Icarus.

Edit: Okay, somebody already said Kid Icarus.  My other go-to for this was Ape Escape, but with Japan Studio recently closing I don't see that happening soon.  How about Mega Man Battle Network, another favorite of mine?  The collection was just announced, maybe it'll do so well they'll revive the series.

We go to a match already on its last legs.  Commander Shepard and slightly edgier Commander Shepard are standing over the struggling, beaten body of Jolee Bindo, the last Knights of the Old Republic holdouts, giving each other a high five and a slightly edgier high five.  But, wait, "A Better Beginning" starts to play, and here comes Sara Ryder down the runway with a folding chair, joining the more acclaimed Shepard twins in glory!   It's all over.  BAM!  Sara has instead attacked her much more famous Shepard twins, a class heel turn, knocking them down and out of the ropes!  "See?  I'm special too!  I'm acclaimed too!" she announces to jeering and booing from the audience, followed by hissing and garbage being thrown as she exits while doing various and assorted obscene gestures towards them.  "What are the odds of that happening, anyway? A billion to one? Changed the course of the tournament to come.  I'd call that quite a destiny, wouldn't you?" muses Jolee Bindo.  Knights of the Old Republics... wins?

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