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Fan Made Stages For New Super Mario Brothers Wii

Kathrine Theidy's Mopper Mario Bros. Wii is now available for all!

Did you catch last Monday's PlayBit where Jason and Chris played some levels designed by fellow PixlBit staffer Kathrine Theidy? Well, now the stages are available for download for your own amusement. Chris's counter-op antics not included.

With the simple homebrew app Riivolution and the Homebrew Channel to run it, these stages can be played. Note that the Super Guide feature cannot be used with custom-made stages, so avoid hitting a Super Guide block or the game will likely lock up. They were also not tested with 3-4 players, and may have unseen issues due to the increase in sprites onscreen and viewer space (enemies not appearing, slowdown, that sort of thing).

To download the stages, simply click here and enjoy!

If you'd like a list of the stages included, click here.

World 1

1-1 Welcome
1-2 Grass Land
1-3 Yoshi's Safari
1-Tower: Divine Clamber
1-4 Pipe in the Sky
1-5 Cannon Crossing
1-6 Retro Series
1-Castle: All Fired Up

World 2

2-1 Block Buster
2-2 Co-op Mayhem
2-3 Desert Hill
2-Tower: Propeller Fun 1
2-4 Desert Descent
2-5 Hokey Pokey
2-6 Deep Darkness

World 3

3-1 Frozen Assets
3-2 Star Power
3-3 Cold Cavern
3-Tower: Co-op Climb
3-4 Frosty Frolic
3-5 March of the Mini-Mario
3-Castle: Bob-omb Derby

World 4

4-1 Crossover Series 1
4-2 Crossover Series 2
4-3 Peculiar Puddles
4-Tower: Propeller Fun 2
4-4 Ocean Side
4-5 Water Warfare
4-Castle: Stomp the Thwomp

World 5

5-1 Underground Maze
5-2 Wall Kicks Will Work

World 6

6-3 Dizzy Dash

World 7

7-1 Ready! Set! Dead.
7-2 Blind Bullet

World 8

8-1 Treacherous Trek
8-2 Lethal Lava Land



Kathrine Theidy Staff Alumnus

08/14/2011 at 04:09 PM

If you watched the PlayBit and saw the issue with 7-1, don't worry, the stage has been fixed. At least, I think it is... I have no idea how that happened so hopefully it didn't happen again. Hopefully someone will let me know if there is an issue with anything...

I also made the bombs easier to pass through in World 3-Tower. You might notice the end section is a little different too. Some propeller blocks were added to the two propeller cap stages, World 2-Tower and 4-Tower, though I actually think this makes them more difficult...

There are probably some other tweaks that could be made to have levels flow a little better. Who knows, I may offer an update once I finish the other half of the game.

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