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Sackboy Appears in Trick 'r Treat

Warner Bros. finally releasing Trick 'r Treat, complete with Sackboy villain.

I feel as if we are being bombarded with Little Big Planet news: first the Watchmen Sackboys, then the PSP release date. It's as if there's no place left for the Sackboy to go except the silver screen…..

Wait no further! Sackboy hits the screen starring in Trick 'r Treat today! Warner Brothers is distributing the shelved and re-shelved horror flick made by Legendary Pictures and Bad Hat Harry Productions two years after its original scheduled release date. The idea is focused around the traditions of Halloween, like dressing up and trick-r-treating, and the necessary punishments for breaking them, like being stabbed with a razor hidden in a chocolate bar. Oh, sweet memories of childhood Halloweens.

The Sackboy costume featured in the film is almost perfect, including a burlap sack mask sporting black button eyes and a stitched-on grin. All they forgot was the zipper down the front of the costume, which I have to admit, would be a frightening addition.

But who would have thought the adorable Sackboy would spend All Hallows' Eve stalking and stabbing the whole neighborhood? I guess we need to rethink the Sackboy.

Look for Trick 'r Treat and Sackboy in stores today – Warner Bros. has decided a straight-to-DVD release would be the best route for this seasonal thriller.




10/26/2011 at 08:49 PM

It's not sackboy you idiot. The director of the movie did an animated short called "Seasons Greetings" featuring Sam (the one with the burlap sac) WAY before Sackboy was an idea.

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