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New Levels Coming to Super Meat Boy

Plus a character reveal for future Super Meat Boy PC owners.

Yesterday Team Meat released an exciting announcement for fans of their extreme 2-D platformer, Super Meat Boy.

According to the developer, an XBLA title update that should hopefully be releasing by November 21, will not only fix all of the known issues within the game, but will also include a brand new set of levels for free.

The new level, located within The Internets, is entitled the Sewers of Dross, and is comprised of twenty levels which range in difficulty from medium to soul crushing and require players to use the character Gish, known for his ability to stick to objects. Team Meat also plans on releasing two more chapters by the end of the year. See below for three screenshots from the new chapter.

In addition to the announcement of extra levels Team Meat revealed the identity of the second secret unlockable character in the PC version of Super Meat Boy to be Captain Viridian from the 2D puzzle platform game VVVVVV. Captain Viridian is the second of six secret characters available exclusively in the PC version, and Team Meat plans on revealing yet another character sometime in the near future. For now they have left PC owners with this clue: "one of them sticks, one of them dashes, one of them changes form and one of them isn't organic."




Our Take

Nick DiMola Director

11/11/2010 at 09:19 PM

Free levels rock. Super Meat Boy rocks. I feel horrible for not writing my review on the game yet.

I leave you with a recommendation for now: Don't wait a single minute, buy it now.

Kathrine Theidy Staff Alumnus

11/11/2010 at 09:37 PM

Let's hope they show up on the Wii retail version too.

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