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Street Fighter X Tekken Costumes Match-Up!

Check out some pictures of the fighters wearing other fighter's outfits.

Capcom has released these photos showing some of the fighters wearing interesting costumes. Here's a list of some of the fighters and whose outfits they are paired with.

  • Rufus as Angel
  • Zangief as Kuma
  • Kuma as R. Mika
  • Heihachi as Sodom
  • Yoshimitsu as M. Bison
  • Hugo as Ganryu
  • Steve Fox as Charlie
  • Sagat as Sergei (?)
  • Dhalsim as Jinpachi
  • Chun-Li as Panda
  • Julia as Chun-Li
  • Abel as Armor King
  • King as Alex
  • Guile as Jack (?)
  • Nina as Rolento
  • Ryu as Ogre
  • Ken as Lars
  • Hworang as DeeJay
  • Poison as (?)
  • Cammy as King
  • Rufus as Ryu




Julian Titus Senior Editor

11/18/2011 at 12:23 PM

Holee crap. Sold!

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