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Street Fighter X Tekken Preview

Ryu vs. Kazuya, Hugo vs. Jack X, Sakura vs. Xiaoyu, all in the palm of your hands!

Street Fighter X Tekken was released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 earlier this year but the PlayStation Vita version is still on the way. Capcom plans on selling you on purchasing a portable version of the game by including touch screen functionality, cross-platform play with the PlayStation 3, and more. So will you want to buy another version of the same game? Do you need another version of this game if you already own one? Should you be upset if you got the Xbox 360 version?

One issue that many won't have to worry about is the presentation. None of it looks or sounds noticeably different from the console version, which is a technological feat. Animations have lost no frames, sound effects are all present, and the brash and flashy presentation have all remained intact. The resolution has seen a drop but that's to be expected for the smaller Vita screen. So it goes without saying: the game looks beautiful and stylish. It's impressive to see a title with this amount of polish and detail running this smoothly on a handheld device.

The controls have received a change however in that the Vita has a touch screen, as well as the rear touch panel. The face and shoulder buttons will be used for normal and special attacks but the touch screens will be used for "Vita specific features." The Vita's augmented reality and digital compass will be used as well, though their functions haven't been disclosed. The Vita's buttons seem comfortable enough although more hardcore fighting fans won't give up their arcade sticks for this, and, needless to say, you need to use the directional pad in lieu of the analog sticks.

All of this however is merely required to have the Vita port on par with the console versions. Which is why Capcom is including right out of the box 12 extra characters not included in either the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 version. As previously reported, Sakura, Blanka, Cody, Guy, Dudley, Elena, Jack, Lei, Bryan, Alisa, Christie and Lars will be available on the Vita while the Xbox 360 version and PlayStation 3 will get these characters as paid DLC. However, if you purchase the Vita version and have the PlayStation 3 version as well, the characters will be released for free. That brings the roster up to 55 characters, as the exclusive PS3 characters are included here as well.

Oh ho! But the Sony love doesn't end there. Cross platform play will also be possible between the PS3 and Vita allowing for matches between both versions. This is possible through the use of local, Wi-Fi or 3G connections. Further still, save files and DLC will be cross compatible with both versions, meaning you can save your settings and buy extra content on the Vita and transfer those files onto your PS3 for use and vice versa.

It appears that the Vita port aims to be essentially the Game of the Year version of Street Fighter X Tekken without having to actually call it that. Add in the promise of additional modes and features that Capcom hasn't detailed yet and you have a version of the game that brings to mind Super Street Fighter IV for the 3DS, which added touch screen functionality and aimed to be the definitive version of that game for the time.

With the extra characters already confirmed for the console versions, it appears this port will be for those on the fence. If you haven't bought this game yet, you may consider buying the Vita version for the convenience, since it's fundamentally no different from its console brethren. You have until Fall of 2012 to make up your mind so start deciding!




06/13/2012 at 01:59 PM

Hey Colorwind how's it going? man you have really checked things out and you are so right on. I MADE MY MIND UP ALL READY .  THANKS!

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