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CES 2012 Microsoft Conference Wrap-Up

Kinect for PC, 360 Sales Numbers and a Newscorp App.

CES 2012 is now underway and Microsoft's CES press conference yielded some announcements. One of the biggest announcements was the release date for Kinect for Windows. Coming on February 1, 2012, 200 companies, including Toyota, Mattell and American Express, are already developing apps for the motion control peripheral.

Microsoft also demoed Kinect integration with TV shows. With Sesame Street as an example, users will be able to interact with the show's character's, who will respond to user feedback. A new app from Newscorp is in development as well. The content will be from the Wall Street Journal, Fox News and IGN. More content providers, as well as a release date, will be revealed later.

Sales figures on the total amount of Xbox 360s sold were also announced. The number now stands at 66 million units worldwide, with 10 million this holiday season alone. The Kinect in comparison has sold 18 million. Xbox Live now has "nearly" 40 million users, putting the tie-in to 60%.




01/10/2012 at 11:10 PM

American Express? What are they going to do? Beat this mingame to lower your APR?

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