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Atlus Publishing Code of Princess This Fall, Pre-Order Bonus Included

Early bird special.

The 3DS brawler Code of Princess is confirmed for release on the 3DS this fall, and in true Atlus fashion, those who pre-order will get something a little extra in the box. In this case, players can look forward to a special art book featuring the designs and work of Nishimura, as well as a soundtrack.

Developed by Agatsuma Entertainment, the 3DS brawler Code of Princess takes some strong cues from the Sega Saturn classic, Guardian Heroes. Featuring polygonal characters set against what appears to be a 2D hand-drawn backdrop, Code of Princess achieves a painted style unlike most games on the 3DS. The character designs come courtesy of Kinu Nishimura, an artist that is prolific in Capcom’s history, with work that dates back to the arcade brawler King of Dragons.

Code of Princess made some waves when it was first announced due to its scantily-clad heroine, but she is only one character in a diverse cast that includes a huge melee fighter and a cat wearing Egyptian garb. This motley crew can team up for four-player shenanigans, either locally or online through the Nintendo Network.

Players will find a robust combo system in Code of Princess that rewards experimentation, utilization of special attacks, and of course juggling. A deep RPG element is present, allowing players to further customize their play style by allocating points into specific stats and abilities.



Angelo Grant Staff Writer

06/05/2012 at 10:31 AM

This is relevant to my interests...

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