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Nintendo 3DS XL Announced

Bigger and Better 3DS Model Due this August.

Confirming rumors that were started shortly before their E3 press conference, Nintendo has finally unveiled the Nintendo 3DS XL during last week's Nintendo Direct presentation. This new handheld, that will retail in the U.S. for $199.99, is a bigger and more efficient version of the original Nintendo 3DS, similar to the DSi XL’s improvement over the DSi.

Both screens are 90% larger than the original 3DS. The top screen has been increased to 4.88 inches while the lower screen is now 4.18 inches, yet both screens have the same resolution as the original 3DS.

The biggest new feature arguably comes in the form of its increased battery life. Nintendo states that while playing 3DS games, the battery life ranges between 3.5 to 6.5 hours of gameplay. For original DS games, the battery life is even longer, clocking in between 6 and 10 hours. Comparatively, the original 3DS only managed 2.5 to 4 hours of battery life.

Additionally, the North American 3DS XL will include an AC Adapter (a component absent from Japanese and European releases) as well as a 4 GB SD card. The system will be released in red and blue colors, with more colors, like silver being released overseas.

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Jesse Miller Staff Writer

06/25/2012 at 05:05 PM

You know, I am really torn on this.  I actually wouldn't mind getting a new 3DS and giving my current one to my girlfriend.  However, the sheer size of the XL makes carrying the thing around - something I do daily, believe it or not - a real chore.

Still, that larger screen and the new matte finish are nice touches, making this a harder decision for me than I would like.  Plus what am I supposed to do with my circle pad pro addition?!

Angelo Grant Staff Writer

06/25/2012 at 05:18 PM

I'm not torn at all, I'm not getting one. Like you, I like my portable systems to be, well... portable. This this is way too big to haul around on a daily basis. Additionally, if they end up making a circle pad pro for it, can you imagine how much more massive it will be?  Yeah, no thanks, I'll stick with my Zelda themed 3DS.

Jon Lewis Staff Writer

06/25/2012 at 06:02 PM

I agree with both you guys. That said, I wouldnt mind trading up if Gamestop has a promo for it, as long as i can transfer my data first.

Travis Hawks Senior Editor

06/25/2012 at 09:55 PM

I rarely put any portables in my pocket, so the XL's size is not really an issue for me.  I am loving the DSi XL I just got, so think this would be similarly awesome.  That said, I have no real way to justify buying this thing any time soon.

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