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Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman: What Did I Do To Deserve This? UMD Needs 1,000 Pre-orders

For NIS to release a UMD version of their RTS title, they need 1,000 pre-orders.

Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman: What Did I Do to Deserve This? is a real-time-strategy game developed by NIS for the PSP.

The premise of the game revolves around protecting the Demon Lord from the human heroes who to seek to capture him. As the Demon Lord hides underground, players must dig elaborate systems of tunnels and nurture monsters within them, so when the heroes come, the combination of tunnels and monsters will defeat them. However there is a catch, players are given a limited number of "steps", so they must utilize their tools and plan their strategy wisely.

Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman: What Did I Do to Deserve This? originally released on July 16 of this year for PSP through the PSN Network. Currently, NIS is seeking to create a UMD version for those who prefer a physical copy of their video game titles.

However, in order to release a UMD version NIS wants to know whether or not fans would actually buy the product. So currently they are offering a pre-order sale for the game in hopes of gaining one thousand pre-orders.

If they don't achieve this goal, NIS is going to turn to retailers in hopes of gaining their support. If you'd like to support the cause, the pre-order is available for $19.99.



Our Take

Neal Ronaghan Staff Alumnus

10/17/2009 at 07:12 PM

Show your NIS support!

Our Take

Nick DiMola Director

10/19/2009 at 05:16 AM

As a Luddite of sorts, I support NIS in their attempt to continue to release packaged titles. I will pre-order this in hopes that the company can produce me a hard copy of the game.

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