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Super Street Fighter 4 Network Mode Detailed

A recent developer blog unveils Super Street Fighter 4's revamped online community features and modes.

According to a Capcom development blog translated by Andriasang, the Street Fighter 4 development team was disappointed by the community aspect of the online mode in the original title. Because the development staff primarily focused on perfecting the one-on-one fighting mechanics, the community-driven components were lacking.

In Super Street Fighter 4, the developers will improve the online mode by including multiplayer lobbies, a feature that unfortunately had to be cut in Street Fighter 4. The developers hope that this feature will convey a feeling that a group of players are gathering together in order to fight. The new lobbies will also have a team battle feature. While only two players can fight at a time, the non-active players are allowed to participate in the voice chat session while the fight is occurring.

While matches are being set up, players will be able to practice in the Arcade Mode until everything is ready to go. Once the teams have been formed the game will be interrupted with a "Match Start" message.

Yet another new mode is Endless Battle mode. In this mode, whenever you lose a match you are forced to give up your spot in the game. This mode is intended to allow players to study how other players perform in the game in hopes of learning new techniques and strategies.

Due to overwhelming feedback, the development team has included a feature where you can't see what character your opponent picks. This feature is present in all of the game's online modes and you can't even hear the cursor sound as players select their characters, since some hardcore players may figure out what character was selected just by the audio cues alone.



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