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Resistance 3 Hands On Preview

Battle the chimera in 3D...sort of.

Resistance 3 is shaping up to be one solid title. Following the popular and successful Resistance: Fall of Man, and Resistance 2, thats to be expected. Resistance 3 picks up four years after the ending of the second game. The war is over, and the Chimera have won. However, main character Joseph Capelli is out to take everything the chimera took from them back.

In the story segment that I played, I was tasked with fending off an area from a chimera attack. I had the opportunity to try the game with the Sharpshooter accessory, so I did. The controls were a bit odd, mainly getting used to the unit as a whole. As I did though the motion controls ended up being fine, but not preferred. The aiming was a bit inconsistent and the sharpshooter itself made it a lot more cumbersome. The Playstation Move controllers themselfs would have sufficed. The game played as well as the other games in teh series have. The weapons all keep their distinct abilities, yet this time they pack a lot more of a punch. The demo ended with a battle against a giant chimera. It was satisfying and definitely gave me the idea that this game was one to be excited for.

Later I was able to try the multiplayer, which I played in 3D. It was a standard deathmatch gametype where the chimera face off against the human resistance. The multiplayer was extremely fun. Borrowing popular elements like kill streaks and challenges from other shooters, Resistance 3 is able to still remain unique thanks to its weapons and different health mechanics. Kill streaks for the chimera included invisibility, and a power that summoned fourth dozens of bug like creatures. Overall I greatly enjoyed it, however the 3D was barely noticable, and may have ended up getting in the way of the overall experience.

While the motion controls and 3D for the game arn't perfect, the game itself remains as a solid and fun title, likely to be a worthy addition to the Resistance lineage. Resistance 3 is set for release on September 6th, 2011.



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