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Tank! Tank! Tank! Preview

Tank! Tank! Tank! is a Party! Party! Party! game.

One of the new Wii U games that Nintendo showed off in a quick reel at their E3 Press Conference on Tuesday was a little title called Tank! Tank! Tank! from publisher Namco Bandai.

In this cartoonish tank battle game, you and up to three other players can either take on each other in versus mode or team up to battle giant monstrous enemies and smash up buildings in the game’s co-op mode.  Players will be able to use the Wii U GamePad’s built in camera to snap a quick picture to use as an in-game avatar.  This avatar can be accessorized with an array of different bobbles – from helmets to masks and other aesthetic doo-dads.

You can also become the face of the enemy in Kong Mode.  This mode will take an image of your face and place it on the gigantic ape Kong.  A player using the new GamePad will control Kong, while others using the classic Wii Remotes will try to take him down.

While Tank! Tank! Tank! is first and foremost a party game, a single player story mode is available.  In this mode, the player will take on mode specific missions – usually involving some kind of giant monster.  Completing missions will level up your existing tank and beating certain levels will even unlock all new tanks for you to use.

No release date is known for the game, but it is assumed to be released in the Wii U’s launch window (launch date plus 3-4 months) and is a system exclusive.

We’ll have more information on this and other Wii U titles as it becomes available.



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