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Gravitronix Review

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On 10/18/2009 at 09:30 AM by Nick DiMola

Frustrating control and a lack of options produce an undesirable result.

Not recommended.

Gravitronix is a simple title created by upstart company, Medaverse Studios. Players will control a small device that can both attract and reflect the floating items on the field. They must keep the items from hitting their shields on one quadrant of the circular field, and ultimately keep the items from penetrating their shields. A single item to bypass the shields will result in loss.

There are four different items that can appear in the field that each have a different velocity, flight pattern, and explosive potential. For instance, the sphere has a straight flight pattern with medium explosive pattern and average velocity. The pyramid on the other hand has a different flight pattern, where it makes a 90 degree turn mid-flight. Utilizing the different attributes of the objects will be crucial for success.

The basic premise of Gravitronix is an interesting one. However, the execution leaves quite a bit to be desired. The controls are the greatest offender, forcing players to roll the Wii remote or Nunchuk on its axis in order to move the in-game device around the quadrant's perimeter. It feels unnatural, and is also quite unwieldy. If the controls had been more fluid, the experience would have been far more enjoyable.

Pacing is another problem. Everything feels as if it moves slowly, and subsequently, matches take longer than they seem they should. The production value is extremely low, even for a WiiWare game. Everything feels on par with a free online flash game; the sound effects are of low quality, the graphics are poor, the music is basic, and even the characters and their artwork feel cookie-cutter.

In addition to its poor presentation and controls, there's a lack of options. There is a single player/co-operative quest where players will go head-to-head with a computer player. The computer is not particularly good and matches just feel like going through the motions. There is also a multiplayer mode where up-to-eight players can partake in the match, allowing for up-to-two players per quadrant. Things were certainly more interesting with more players, particularly more adept players, but it was still a fairly boring experience.

Unfortunately, Gravitronix is simply not a very enjoyable game. Frustrating control, poor presentation, a lack of options, and slow pacing produce an experience that players will not desire.

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