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Wizorb Review

Beloved classic ideas merge together to form: Pure Evil.

I’m a sucker for retro. Give me some faux-8-bit graphics and some simple game mechanics and I’m hooked.  Make the game challenging where I have to force myself to hone reaction times and I’ll put in hours to rack up high scores.  Combine two classic game types into some new great thing and I’m likely to be smitten for months.  Enter Wizorb with its Dragon Warrior RPG aesthetic and Breakout style battles, and I was drooling. That was months ago.  My drool has long since dried, and now so have my tears as I’ve come to accept that Wizorb is just too damn difficult.

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Wizorb - Announcement Trailer

As a Playstation Mini title for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation Portable, this block-breaking game is to be available this June in Europe and in North-America respectively for €2.99 and $3.99.

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