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Minecraft - Wii U Announcement

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Pixel Art Mosaics Invade North Texas

Video games IRL.

I spend a lot of time playing video games, but when I started seeing images from the games I love around my part of town, I was a little freaked out. First, I saw a Creeper from Minecraft staring back at me on my drive to work, and then later happened upon a Pooka from Dig Dug. With a bit more poking around, I was able to find five little mosaics in Keller and Fort Worth that someone has installed in public areas – presumably without any sort of city funding or consent.

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My Narcissistic Descent Through Minecraft

This is what happens when a god becomes a beast.

Minecraft does interesting things to people; sometimes it brings out our inner-creativity, and some-times it brings out unforgiveable actions that would shame a Kardashian. I’ve done some amazing and creative things in Minecraft, but I’ve also sunk to depths I never thought possible. This is the story of what I thought was a simple and sweet endeavor that ended with a sinister and morbid outcome. Minecraft transformed me from a man into a beast in the pixelated world in which I was god.

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