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Doom (2016)

This Gen, This Month, Another Year: May 2019

Money tight? Why not play an amazing game from yesteryear for cheap?

Hello all, April is over. Now we move on from the showers into May. May doesn't seem to be brimming with exciting new titles this month. Rage 2 is probably the highlight. While the original was fairly mixed, maybe this new entry can boost the series. We also have the new kart racer, Team Sonic Racing. I know we have all been waiting for this. While May be a bit light in 2019, it has historically hit some grand slams this generation. Let's take a look.

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Doom (2016) Review

Rip and tear, until it is done!

It is only thirty-eight seconds from the time you begin a new game of Doom before you have a weapon in hand and are blasting demons away. In a world where multi hour tutorials and constant hand holding is the norm, the way that the modern iteration of the classic first person shooter begins is a breath of fresh air. It makes for a stellar first impression, which gives way to one of the most entertaining, fast-paced, and satisfying action game I have played in years.

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