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#World of Warcraft

Nerds Without Pants Special Edition: Love and the MMORPG

It's time to slay the dragon!

Welcome to a very special edition of Nerds Without Pants. Julian is joined by a couple of lovely ladies—Shanna and Allison—who are experts on the topic of the day: massively multiplayer online role playing games. That’s MMORPGs for you savvy ones. With Star Wars: The Old Republic doing well below expectations and Final Fantasy XIV needing a complete redesign this episode of NWP asks what’s so special about these types of games, and why do people still play them?

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Activision Blizzard Investor's Call Wrap Up

Diablo III release projections and more was discussed this afternoon.

Activision Blizzard had an investor's call earlier today. During their presentations, information about key titles was shown and several noticable announcements were made as well. Chief among them was the projected release window for Diablo III.

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