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Keeping it Scary: The Problem With The Horror Franchise

Publishers aren't the main reason horror franchises are quick to lose the scares.

It’s hard to talk about games like Resident Evil 6 and Dead Space 3 without having someone go off on a tangent on how the publishers “ruined” these series by trying to broaden the series fanbases – moving beloved franchises away from their horror roots and towards the more spectacle driven action genre.  There is an idiom of truth to this complaint.  Horror doesn’t generate Call of Duty sales volume.  It’s a niche genre where only the exceptional few break into the mainstream.  Action titles, counterparts of the money eating summer movie blockbusters, appeal to a much greater audience and are thus able to bring in much more cash.  So yes, it makes sense that the “big bad” publishers would be responsible for the taming of your favorite horror franchise.

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Kickstarting an Industry

What does fan based funding really mean for the industry?

I’d bet dollars to donuts that only a miniscule number of our readers had heard of Kickstarter a couple of months ago.  And those that had heard of the crowdsourcing fundraising site could not have possibly known that it would become an important part of an evolving video game industry; that it would throw a wrench into the workings of how things have “always been done” and give the community – the fans – a voice that is not only heard, but heeded as well.

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Xbox 360 Will Get Skyrim DLC Before PS3, PC

However, it'll have to fix its problems first.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released today for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. If you aren't sure which version to get, maybe this will help: Skyrim's first two DLC packs will be timed exclusives to the Xbox 360. Gamers will get them on the 360 a month before they're released on the PC and PS3.

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