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#nfl blitz

NFL Blitz Review

NFL Blitz fumbles the pigskin ...

NFL Blitz is a franchise with an interesting history. Going from being an actual NFL-licensed property with a relatively deep strategic angle, to an unlicensed product that seemed like it was truly gunning for ESPN’s highly-supported television drama, “Playmakers,” Blitz: The League (as it was re-branded) attempted to take a more “realistic” approach to the concept of video game football. This “realism” included bone-shattering and skull-destroying injuries that could be inflicted upon players. Despite these changes, Blitz: The League found its way into my heart very quickly, eclipsing the merits of both its arcade and home console predecessors.

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NFL Blitz Interview with Producer David Ross

Though Midway is gone, Blitz has made a triumphant return thanks to EA. Click through to get the scoop on EA's Mutant League throwback, league violence, and some of the team's favorite cheats.

After nearly a decade, the NFL license has returned to the Blitz series. With Midway dead and buried, EA has acquired the rights to the fan favorite arcade football series with the intent of returning it to its former glory. After a successful outing with the NBA Jam series, it's clear EA has what it takes to properly rekindle these arcade experiences despite their simulation focused pedigree. PixlBit had an opportunity to interview the game's producer, David Ross, about the development of the game, working with the NFL license, and preserving the classic experience.

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