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About Me:

I'm Tru Worthy, aka TruEagle owner of Gaming With Eagleā„¢. I'm a let's player from youtube. I belong to a group called ThePokeMastersinHD, I found some minor success on a previous youtube channel (TheTruEagle) my new one is up and I hope to do a better job.

I find bonding with the gaming community helps me provide better content for all of you. I regularly ask for viewer involvement/opinions of games and such that I'm doing.

The #1 Jimmy Rustler

Favorite Games:

Legend of Dragoon, Pokemon Blue Version, Elder Scrolls Morrowind, Final Fantasy IX, Elder Scrolls Skyrim, EA Sports MMA, DC vs Mortal Kombat, Fight Night Champion, Bellator MMA Onslaught

Favorite Music:

Tupac Shakur, LILBTHEBASEDGOD, The Temptations, Serj Tankian, System of a Down, Cage