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About Me:

Hi! My name is Tamson.

I'm a former 1up blogger, park ranger, folk music enthusiast, bird watcher, cross-stitcher, amateur photographer, and did I mention gamer?

I've been gaming since the hey day of arcades in the early 80s, graduated to PC gaming in 1983, and made the switch to console gaming in 1994 with the Sega Genesis. I'm not a console fanboy, good games come on many different consoles.

Favorite Games:

Mostly RPGs of the old-school turn-based variety, but my favorite all-time franchise is Ratchet & Clank. Other favorites: Wizardry: Proving Ground of the Mad Overlord, Beyond Good and Evil, the Tales franchise, pretty much anything Dragon Quest, Lost Odyssey, Shadow Hearts, the Lego games, Little Big Planet, and many, many others.

Favorite Music:

Folk, mainly of the traditional variety, but I'll listen to just about anything other than opera, jazz, new country, and techno. Specifics include: Midnight Oil, Billy Idol, the 1812 Overture, Smetana, Robert Johnson, Sidewalk Bob, Reggie Miles, The Saw Doctors, The Pogues, The Clash, Jed Marum, Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks, Castlebay, Gaelic Storm, Malinky, Social Distortion, Garnet Rogers, Bruce Molsky, Anna Coogan, and many, many others. Did I mention I like music?