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About Me:

I sleep during the day and is awake during the night because of my work. I collect digital stuff to add to my collection and catalog them, specially cataloging Doujins (may it be H or non H). I also collect DVD rips and Blu ray rips of cartoons/anime. In my spare time, I try to play games and clean my room but mostly just do nothing and lie flat on the bed.

I live in the mountains because it's better than living in a crowded city and I prefer peace and quite but also prefer a bit of chaos for variation. My comrades and friends in 1up knows me a bit but I'm also notorious for my "dark blogs" w/c deals w/ either things w/c should not result in bloody confrontations- but it did and things about other life and death situations. I also like to post things about the places I visited.

I don't have facebook and I prefer quiet sites. I can only settle and concentrate on 1 site but once I fully migrate to Pixlbit, I will devote my
entire time here.

Any updates I will post here. 0 updates so far.

Favorite Games:

I like playing RPGs, specially the Tales and Dragon Quest series. I also like playing VN, both and H and non H. Platform games is also my favorite since I was already exposed to SMB ever since I was young.

Favorite Music:

Mostly game music, but I also enjoy really old music from the yesteryear. Any genre will be fine as long as it will not make my ears bleed.