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About Me:

It has certainly been a while! I am Ashley for those that do not know me and I am a gamer! Gaming has been a part of my life for a very long time and the types of games I play have certainly grown over the years! Besides gaming, I watch anime, like reading, crafting, and more!

In my everyday life I work a full time job as a business systems analyst, but planning a career change next year as I am currently working towards a masters in Digital Forensics! I have a french bull dog and a pug who are super cute in my eyes.

I stream as a hobby over on Twitch (DefectiveAsh), and it's been a very fun way to play my backlog and some new games I want to experience with everyone. It's also helped me broaden my horizon with games to play as well.

Favorite Games:

Dragon Quest series, Lunar series, Breath of Fire series, Suikoden series, and so much more.

Favorite Music:

Pop, Electronic (dance, techno, ect.), oldies, K/J pop/rock, video game soundtracks