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About Me:

I'm a retro gamer, mostly wasting my time playing outdated games i love and occasionally playing newer stuff. Im the co-host of Retro Rampage TV (youtube), which is a series of long plays, short plays, reviews, realplays, commentary, obscenities, and lots of info and knowledge, wrapped all in one neat package. Im also an automotive enthusiast, i collect and race cars (mostly older, same as my game preference haha) and work on cars for a living. I also enjoy cheap vodka and beer.

Current Collection
515 games and counting, 16 consoles, 5 handhelds

Favorite Games:

Contra series, golden age 8-32 bit JRPGS, platformers, racing games, lots of stuff.

Favorite Music:

Protest the hero, From autumn to ashes, Nirvana, Deftones, stuff like that