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About Me:

I'll be using this page to connect with other gamers, talk about thoughts, and write about developments in video games, in particular things having to do with psychology, art, and music.

I knew I wanted to write about games, and maybe even make them, from a young age. At eight I was at the local library everyday, combing the posts on 1UP (rest in peace) and systematically making my way through every back issue of EGM I could reach (Hsu & Chan <3). It was a subject that had me hooked from the first time I booted up a 64 and was enthralled by the Ocarina of Time's title music.


I think computers are intrinsic to my generation. We are the first generation to develop our brains while constantly under the influence of machines that can rival, if not out do, our speed of processing, as well as keep us in contact with neighbors, strangers, and iconic individuals. For the first time in human history we are all connected (as we should be ;D) able to create and share information at a staggering pace, I think this is going to change the way humans develop over time...How can it not?

Gaming in particular is one of the most artistic, expressive, and interactive uses of computers. To create something that really touches your audience, gives them a feeling or something new to think about, requires a certain finesse.

I think that gaming is a great way to flex your brain, push yourself through competition or challenge, and will someday be more than an industry dominated by "big guns, big breasts, big money"
Thanks to the people at pixlbit for giving me a soapbox to stand on!

Favorite Games:

Zelda: Ocarina of Time,
Pokemon Blue, Silver, and Emerald,
Hotline Miami,
Final Fantasy IX,X,XII
Mega Man Legends 64 and 2,
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning,
Mother 3,
GTA San Andreas, III, IV,
Diablo I,II,III,
Torchlight II,

Favorite Music:

Ambient, Electronic, hip hop

Clams Casino,
Flying Lotus,
Space Gang,
Earl Sweatshirt,
Capital STEEZ,
Tokyo Hands,
DJ Smokey 666,
Pro Era,
MF Doom,
Vince Staples,
Ryan Hemsworth,