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Streaming Now: League of Legends

On 12/17/2013 at 04:42 PM by Mike Wall

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Hey everyone been way too long since I've been here. Anyways I'm going to be playing a few matches of league of legends on my Twitch account tonight. Anyone whose heard me on the casts knows I have a hate/love (mostly love) relationship with this game. If you are interested in seeing why I love it so much come on by. I'm happy to explain any of the details or portions of the game that you might not understand. 

In case that link didn't work just head here:



Super Step Contributing Writer

12/17/2013 at 07:14 PM

I see you're a Regina Spektor fan. Carry on.

Cool to see Twitch in action. 

Mike Wall Staff Alumnus

12/17/2013 at 07:43 PM

Yeah I'll be streaming a lot more in the future. Thanks for checking it out. 

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