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PixlTalk Episode 70: What Happens in E3 Stays in E3

Vegas+E3=dead podcast host.

Hey, it's Rob. Since Julian is still in a state of orgasmic coma from his Vegas shenanigans, I'll be spearheading this podcast. It's like Omar Bradley handing the keys over to George Patton for the invasion of Normandy, but f**k it, my body is ready.

We talk about our impressions of E3, and Julian explains exactly what his issue was with the show. We discuss our interest and confusion over the Wii U as well as other games that excite us going forward. After that we talk about what we've been playing which leads into stories of amateur surgery, Julian's stance on zombies, comics, and then we round it out with Julian spilling the beans on his wild and wacky trip to Vegas. Oh, and I make tons of awkward passes at Patrick.

Featured Music:

The Lonely Island featuring Justin Timberlake: D*ck In A Box

The Lonely Island: Lazy Sunday



Rob Ottone Staff Alumnus

06/14/2012 at 04:21 PM

I promise you, dear listeners, Patrick will succumb to my enticements.


06/14/2012 at 04:47 PM

Well yea, if you "come at him from any angle" he can't resist. Thinking along the logic of coming at a person sexually from any angle, they don't necessarily have to succumb to your advances Rob, you can use stealth to your advantage. I'm not saying get him while he sleeps, ...but get him while he sleeps. Lol, just kidding, I don't endorse nocturnal rape behavoir, that's a buggaboo. Be a gentleman and let Patrick come to you when he's ready.

Our Take

Julian Titus Senior Editor

06/14/2012 at 05:06 PM

Best. Comment. Ever.

Esteban Cuevas Staff Alumnus

06/14/2012 at 08:42 PM

Reporter: "Did you discuss ICBM's?" 
Reagan: "Well, I did see a BM." 
Reporter: "So, did you consider this a successful summit?" 
Reagan: "Oh, yes. I summited three times?" 
Reporter: "Are you finished with the butt-fucking puns?"

First thing that came to mind.


06/14/2012 at 06:42 PM

I'm glad you're back Julian, and I'm glad E3 is over and we can get back to some normality. Rob did a good job hosting the show. He casted a buff spell on Julian, let him rest, and took the opportunity to undress Patrick with his eyes.

Rob is a lucky dog for playing Dragon's Dogma, I really want to play that, it's shot up to number 3 on the priority list. Between the last Triforce Crew episode and now I've done some gaming, bought one game, and plan on buying two more soon. I've been jumping around a lot. I got a level done in Deus Ex, upgraded some abilities and I'm loving that game. I started a second playthrough of Dante's Inferno and I'm really into it this time. I got the game when it came out because I honestly wanted a God of War clone because 360 doesn't have GoW obviously. The first playthrough I ended up wishing I was playing GoW instead. Now I've warmed up to it on the 2nd playthrough and I'm actually enjoying the levels, boss battles, and upgrading my remaining abilities.

I finally bought the full Minecraft xbox edition game a couple days ago. For the longest time I was just dicking around in the demo which times out after 30 minutes or so. I fell in love with Minecraft the second I dropped into the demo the first time. The simple mechanics, deep crafting system, survival horror, the serene music, the open world, this game was built for me and I can't get enough. This is more addicting than building levels in Forge World and I have much more freedom in Minecraft. I have so many ideas, when I had the timed demo alone, I built dozens of things in that format. But now that I have the full game and I can take my time and do it at my pace with the full game, I'm going to be building shit in this game for a long time to come.

I've already done so much stuff it would take too long to explain, but to keep it short and current, last night I spent a couple hours in my world carving out a giant mine system under my big log cabin. I was getting attacked by creepers underground, I put together an iron armor set, stockpiled a metric shit ton of cobblestone and fired it into proper stone, and some other stuff. I'm planning on expanding, going on an adventure around the map till I find a suitable place to start building a huge stone house or castle. There will be multiple livable levels including a ground level area, a huge tower overlooking the map, and an underground bomb shelter to retreat to in case the walls get breached, I'm dying, and need to sleep till morning. I'm also constantly on the hunt for diamond, no luck yet.

Enough about Minecraft though, I'm planning to buy two other games soon, the two that have been at the top of the priority list for a little while, Dark Souls and Civilization Revolution. I'm pretty set on getting those two, but I did have to think about it because I realized that I can get Mass Effect 3 at Gamestop for $30 right now and that's crazy. I'm a big ME fan but ME3 just isn't at the top of my list sadly. Once I buy Dark Souls and Civ Rev, those will be off the list, and the game that's going to get pushed to the top of the list will probably be Dragon's Dogma.

This comment contained nothing about E3, I'm just tapped out on E3 and glad it's over so we can get on the normal day to day gaming world. Everyday that goes by is another day closer to Halo 4 and I'm really fanboyed up about it.

Julian Titus Senior Editor

06/20/2012 at 10:30 PM

Yeah, I would imagine that Minecraft would be right up your alley as a hopeful level designer. Remember how Kojima used to map out the levels for Metal Gear Solid in Legos? I can see you doing the same thing in Minecraft.

I've actually played a lot of games since this episode, so I'll have a lot to say. I got sick after the podcast, but I'll try to bring my A game. Can't have Rob upstage me as host again!

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