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Push Start to Continue Episode 7: The Land Before Homeward Bound Edition

Sometimes you just need a good cry

In this exciting installment of PStC the guys talk about Lara's abrupt character arc in the new Tomb Raider, discuss evolving game review scores, and somehow end up on the subject of movies that made them cry as children.  Check the machismo at the door and prepare to get your cry on now, on Push Start to Continue.

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PixlTalk Episode 70: What Happens in E3 Stays in E3

Vegas+E3=dead podcast host.

Hey, it's Rob. Since Julian is still in a state of orgasmic coma from his Vegas shenanigans, I'll be spearheading this podcast. It's like Omar Bradley handing the keys over to George Patton for the invasion of Normandy, but f**k it, my body is ready.

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Shift Leaps From Browsers to the 3DS

Because Shift happens.

The mind-bending browser game Shift is making the leap to another platform.  Publisher Aksys Games has announced that they have teamed with developer Fishing Cactus to bring the monochrome puzzle-platformer to Nintendo’s 3DS in the form of a new title called Shifting World.

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Replay of the Kirby's Return to Dream Land PlayBit

Join Jason and Chris as they romp through a magical adventure with Kirby & Co. at about 7:30 pm EDT tonight!

The Kirby's Return to Dream Land PlayBit is now over! In part one, join Jason as he plays as Bandanna Dee and Yellow Kirby to help Chris, the staff member controlling Kirby complete the first two worlds of Kirby's Return to Dream Land. But wait, there's more!

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