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A Journey with JD

Go on a visual, and personal journey with JD while he plays through...well, Journey!

In the post-mordem of a really tough semester, I decided to play Journey and reflect on the past few months as well as talk about my thoughts on gaming this year...and of course my opinions on Journey. Hope you enjoy!


Part 1

Part 2



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Deception IV: Blood Ties Review

I fondly remember the first time I played Tecmo’s Deception for the original PlayStation back in 1996. It was the one game I could play over and over thanks to its unique gameplay where you never truly attack an enemy or defend yourself from a blitzkrieg of varying attacks. Instead, Deception challenged the player to lure enemies into tactfully placed traps that will do your bidding. Deception IV follows the same formula as the previous installments; instead of fighting your way through hordes of enemies, you’re simply left trying to stay alive while luring them into your dastardly devices.



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