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Backloggers Anonymous Too Human Part 3

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On this, the final episode of Backloggers Anonymous covering Too Human, we discuss the final two missions, the overall plot and story, and dig a little deeper into the issues we had with some of the choices the game designers made. Joaquim gives up on his quest for dragon armor, Julian explains his love/hate relationship with Denis Dyack, and I, now free from pain meds, discusses my difficulty understanding Baldur as a character. Finally, we say our goodbyes and offer our final opinions of our journey though Too Human.

A few ideas were discussed in this podcast that turned out to have pretty solid evidence behind them. Joaquim restates his theory that ODIN may not be an actual person, but something digital. Angelo supports this theory with some information he found in the game. Turns out, all we had to actually do was look in the instruction manual (remember those?) We found out that ODIN stands for Organically Distributed Intelligence Network. He is, in fact, a digital construct and not flesh and bone, and those mechanical ravens that show up from time to time are his eyes and ears.

Har Har!

Julian also states that he believes Too Human was conceived originally as a single game, and that it was broken up into three pieces to make it into a trilogy instead of a single multi-disk game, which contributed to the overall shortness of the title, and it's sudden, blunt ending. Distructoid posted a quote (and this great picture I stole for this article) from Dyack that doesn't outright confirm this suspicion, but does add a little fuel to it:

"The story was done a long time ago," [Dyack] said. "The theme of the first game is discovery, the theme of the second game is revenge, and the third game, enlightenment."

As for myself, those who follow me on Twitter (@pixlaj) know that I've been quite taken with the Too Human soundtrack. I've included my personal favorite selection from the score at the end of the soundtrack in it's entirety. There's no outtakes after it or anything, so if Norse inspired metal isn't your thing, feel free to skip it. I won't be hurt. Promise.

And with that, fellow Backloggers, we have officially recovered Too Human from our backlog. We'll be playing through Darksiders next, so grab a copy and get ready to play along!



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