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PB & Jason Issue 120: Lasers and Toilets and Blogs!

Oh my!

In this week's PB & Jason, a few blogs are invaded, specifically Nick's "Ask Me Anything -- Volume #2" and GirlGamerBritt's "Replay Hell: Final Fantasy XIII (Yes, I'm going there)." Beyond those blogs, talk continues about Square-Enix's problems, courtesy of Coolsetzer's comment last issue, along with discussion about why LucasArts may have closed, Gearbox's Borderlands 2, and a little bit of Luigi's Mansion 2. Click through to listen to the podcast!

PB & Jason is recorded in front of a live studio audience every Wednesday, weather permitting.

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04/05/2013 at 02:54 AM

I did?! XD Now I have to listen lol.

Dang, I wasn't expecting to stay up so late! Here's my blog response. Hope you guys like it.


04/05/2013 at 05:42 PM

So, if you arent "in" with big game companies or publishers you don't get "in" to special events? Wtf,mates? Something about that should be illegal!

As for unethical relations between game companies and journalists the whole incident where Jessica Chobot was in ME 3 stood out the most to me. I'm not saying Jess herself is a bad person (And who wouldn't want to be a cameo in an epic well known rpg?) but it did make me question the industry in a big way.

Jason Ross Senior Editor

04/05/2013 at 06:17 PM

I would exactly state it like that. The biggest of the three actually want as many people in as possible, as best as I can gather. At least, that's the case at E3. In 2011, I went to the show and was able to get into Sony and Microsoft's press conferences without issue without an invitation or anything along those lines. I had proper credentials, sure, but I didn't have to prove anything about readership. I did have my E3 media badge at that point, though.

However, that's where the mystery kind of goes. It makes Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo look good if they treat the little guy well, even if they don't care anything for or about them. Whether they do or don't, I don't know. However, if an organization like the ESA is the one making the tough decisions at the request of the gaming giants, then it is possible for the giants to squash sites like us through a proxy like the ESA without sullying their names.

And, really, I'm not saying that's the case. At the same time, though, the ESA does stand for a lot of things these companies, individually, say they don't agree with (Remember SOPA and PIPA?), which suggests the ESA is being used that way to some degree, although that doesn't mean anything direct about the relationship between publishers and the media.

I'll get into a fun story about E3 registration in 2011 next week. It's on an older podcast, don't get me wrong, but it's certainly striking.


04/05/2013 at 06:34 PM

I bet getting your E3 media badge felt like slaying a level 99 cosmic death dragon. lol. I cannot even be bothered to attempt that stuff but I understand why other gamers would be curious about new releases & how the industry works as a whole machine.

It's kind of scary the ESA can kill places like this via proxy. Though they would have to watch our for "martyr back-lash". Aka, squashing the little people often blows up in the faces of those doing the squashing.

Our Take

Jason Ross Senior Editor

04/10/2013 at 09:27 PM

I have bad news again, gang. I'm just not in the PB & Jason mood this evening, so I'm postponing the next PB & Jason for tomorrow. Catch it then!

Our Take

Jason Ross Senior Editor

04/11/2013 at 09:03 PM

Well, bad news. This PB & Jason was going to be about Mega Man, so Capcom cancelled it. There'll be one the regular day next week. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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