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PixlBit Bids Adieu to Wii Online

A single tear falls.

You might not remember this, but at one point in time* it was possible to play Wii and DS games online – you know, over the internet! Well, that’s all over now, but to send the online services off in style, we were able to gather a few members of the PixlBit family and have an intense session playing Mario Kart Wii. This helped remind us how much fun Mario Kart can be online, and how much of a hassle the Wii Friend Code system was. We were able to capture some footage of the races from Chris’s perspective and provide them to you as a video relic of our evening and proof that the Wii was once online capable.

Without proper voiceover work or a good recording of Travis groaning in frustration the entire time, this might not be the most compelling video on the web. We’re posting it anyway to prove that we had fun with Captain N, Vice’s Assistant, and NSonic79. Watch for future online meet-ups coming soon. We’ve got some great ideas!


*All the way back before May 20, 2014.



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