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Nerds Without Pants   

Nerds Without Pants Spoils Batman: Arkham Knight

I'm Batman!

Welcome to the second ever spoiler cast from Nerds Without Pants! JD and John "Friend of the Show" Gholson join Julian to spoil the ever-loving crap out of Arkham Knight. While all three participants agree that they love this game, there are some criticisms, from story choices to character designs and of course that controversial Batmobile implementation. The coversation closes out with conjecture on what Rocksteady's next game could be. If you haven't finished Arkham Knight yet you'll want to skip this episode. But come back once you do, because it's a great discussion.

And now for a very important announcement. Nerds Without Pants will be taking an indefinite hiatus due to personal reasons. Please know that we WILL be back. I just can't say when that will be. We love you all, and be sure to keep it pantsless...always.



Super Step Contributing Writer

08/02/2015 at 07:10 PM

I have a lot more to say as I type this at the first break, but I just want to get to this since my name was mentioned:

I think Batman gets increasingly asshole-ish over time in the series because of the effect of the Joker blood in City (as conversations on the street in both games allude to), but I've actually always had a problem with how much Batman relies on brutal interrogation tactics and it basically seems to work without question. I don't recall many henchmen even trying to mislead him? I think that's both unrealistic and makes him a bit one-note. I understand why it's done from a gaming perspective, but still.

I wasn't meaning to excuse that aspect of Batman's character in these games, I just thought his increased aggressiveness was partly explained by the Joker blood, especially in Knight. Specifically, when Julian had a problem with the Batmobile being rolled near an enemy's head, I think that's too far as well, but since he's always used similar tactics (I doubt those bone-crunching finishers wouldn't kill someone who's just been in a fight) I thought Joker's blood was enough to explain that escalation. I understand why you think it might not be, but since I've always found Rocksteady's Batman a bit overzealous as an interrogator to start with, I was more comfortable with that progression in them I think Julian saw as a bigger leap than I did.

Then again, every character in this game can do an environmental takedown where they smash someones head into a solid control panel with electric wiring behind them, so I guess it's not just a Batman problem. This is all part of why I don't find the Batmobile interrogation out of the question in this universe, though I admit my previous comment about it was probably influenced by rose-colored glasses I have for this game. 

Also, to John's point, one of my biggest problem with all Batman lore - and maybe this is addressed in the comics, I'm referring to the mainstream movies/cartoons I've seen - is that I never get a sense of what Batman sees as so worthy of defending and building in Gotham, since all we really see are the villains it harbours. I know Batman is a very dark character - at least that's why I was drawn to the Burton films and cartoon as a kid - but I'd like to see what the hell is so special about Gotham during the day and why Bruce Wayne cares so much beyond his backstory and family history there.


08/03/2015 at 12:19 AM

What did you say or write that got you mentioned on the podcast? I need to revisit this podcast when I finish the game, but so far my impression of the game is good and similar to how you feel about it. As for the Batmans bully-ish tone, well the game is obviously referencing Frank Miller and Dark Knight Returns/Killing Joke in this game, especially with Oracle and I was pretty shocked by it all including the other family members that I wont go into detail about so not to spoil things, but Miller made Batman into a mean asshole, and pushed Joker to the limit too and I can see the influence in this game. I personally would like a more low-key, violence toned down Batman, and this is pushing him to really dark areas, but I also don't want the same game over and over again. 

I can't say anything more without having listened to the podcast or finished the game, but I'm glad I'm not playing the same game, and actually all three games are completely different from each other which is good.  

Super Step Contributing Writer

08/03/2015 at 01:01 AM

It wasn't a really big deal, I just thought Batman's behavior was explained by being gradually effected by Joker blood and Julian didn't necessarily agree. Thinking about it, I too think Batman is a bit too aggressive in these games, but I thought the levels he takes it to are because Joker is in his head. 

I know about the Miller comics though. If you've ever watched the show Atop the 4th Wall, Linkara refers to Frank Miller's Batman as Steve I think. He even has a special show called "Miller Time" where he critiques the things Miller does to Batman. I didn't think this series was as juvenile as what I've seen of some of those comics, though I understand there's an influence. 

I should read Killing Joke, since Alan Moore's writing has always inerested me.


08/03/2015 at 01:10 AM

Sorry. You're right. It was Moore who wrote Killing Joke that involves Joker/Batgirl and it is very dark, then Frank was influenced by Moore and made Batman super dark and violent. I figured the Joker was obviously influencing Batman throughout this game which is why he acts the way he does, but not typically like Batman normally would. I can see how changing a trait like nonviolence to an iconic character to make it more gamey would seem like a cop-out, like when Nathan Drake turned Rambo in Uncharted 2. Again, I'm speaking out of context since I haven't heard the podcast, but I think Batmans violent edge is somewhat accounted for. 

Super Step Contributing Writer

08/03/2015 at 12:56 AM

I solved the Catwoman riddle with her collar on and the mug has nothing to do with Cash's riddle, it's his claw hand. I do understand why people would get frustrated with the riddles though, because of what Julian said about hit boxes being way too small. I really got frustrated with those Question Marks in City not being aligned correctly. 

Anyway, I hadn't heard the rumors of a new Justice League, but thought they were gonna make a new Superman because Metropolis references are so ubiquitous in Knight. Either way, I'd love to see where Rocksteady goes after Batman. 

I don't think your Batmobile hatred is insane, but I do agree that for me Rocket League controls similarly. I don't want another either. Getting the 100% ending reassures me we probably won't get one.


08/04/2015 at 11:06 AM

Now I just really want to play Arkham Knight.  Yes, I am the kind of person who listens to a spoilercast before playing a game.  I did the same with The Last of Us.


08/04/2015 at 07:18 PM

Arkham Knight is a cool title, but also a bit deceptive one. The game is padded with loads of tank battles in the  main quest which slows down the pacing of the storyline and subracts from the otherwise free roaming and fast access provided by the batmobile. I liked the story overall and can forgive the tank war simulator, and to be clear it's not so much that the tank game is inserted into this game rather forcibly, but that I feel there is too much of it. Also, the familiar villains have been pushed off to side quests, where I wish they had been incorporated into the main quest and made the tank stuff optional. Just my feeling. I'm curious to see your impression on the game. Me and JoeStep enjoy the game, others not so much. Be a tie-breaker. 


08/04/2015 at 10:25 PM

Just had a random thought.  Maybe Julian's controller is just busted.  I had issues with a controllre a while back and didn't realize it was the controller until I switched.


08/08/2015 at 05:43 PM

Okay, so I finally finished the main quest for Arkham Knight and overall I was very satisfied with the whole experience despite some annoyances with stealth gameplay and wall/ceiling racing with the batmobile. It did feel like a very gritty dark/horror action movie and I liked some of the puzzles with the batmobile as well. I liked the throwback to some of the more classic batman stories like The Killing Joke. This was a really terrific podcast and since the game is as long as it is, it deserves a 2 hour long podcast to cover it all. I actually spoiled the second ending and watched it on youtube but that's because I don't like to 100% games, something @SuperStep blogged about recently. I might jump in and finish off some of the more interesting side quests related to main villains, but the game was overall satisfying and lengthy considering I've got 50% more game to finish. The best podcast yet guys! I liked all the annecdotes about Batman comics and cartoon series from everyone. A fun l isten. 


08/27/2015 at 10:06 AM

I finally was able to play through the game.  I focused on the campaign and ignored any sidequests.  I am glad I did.  That story was just so good.  

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