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Nerds Without Pants   

Nerds Without Pants Episode 96: PlayStation Pub Crawl

ENOS Lives.

Welcome to a very special and exciting episode of Nerds Without Pants! Today is September 9, 2016, which marks the 21st birthday of the PlayStation. So we’re celebrating by taking the good old PSX drinking, and telling a lot of fun PlayStation memories while we do so!

Friend of the Show John Gholson joins us for this episode. John worked for years with Julian in the video game retail trenches, and as such, the two of them have a vast well of PlayStation game knowledge to share. We talk about what our excitement level was before the system came out, when we jumped on the Sony bandwagon, and assorted PSX memories. Some of our lovely listeners chime in, and we close out with some obvious and some obscure PlayStation recommendations. UR NOT e.


Crash Bandicoot- Main Theme

Suikoden II- Opening Theme

Final Fantasy VII- Cosmo Canyon

Final Fantasy VII- Aerith’s Theme

Bust a Groove- Natural Playboy

Marvin Gaye- Let’s Get It On

Rising Zan: Samurai Gunman- Johnny No More

Resident Evil- Second Floor Mansion

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night- Lost Painting

Parappa the Rapper- I Gotta Believe



Exrian Contributing Writer

09/09/2016 at 11:06 PM

Another great podcast guys. I wish I could have contributed to the discussion but my experience with PS1 is practically nothing. My first game was Chrono Cross which I bought with birthday money in anticipation of getting a PS2 for Christmas. Even though I did go back to play some of the gems of the system I was really late to the party.

I wanted to know if there's another way to go about iTune reviews. I know you guys, along with many other podcasts, are high on them but I use Android and haven't bothered with my PC in a long time. Even if I did, is there anyway to give you guys a review without downloading iTunes. I've tried twice using my phone online and also downloading the app but it isn't straightforward at all.

I must say I regret throwing away all my old game magazines and demos now. I had subs to like 8 different mags at one point. Even had the run of EB games short lived mag. I didn't know what to do with hundreds of old magazines and demo discs so threw them out.  

Julian Titus Senior Editor

09/10/2016 at 02:57 PM

You know, I'm really not sure when it comes to the iTunes reviews. I find it frustrating that if you were to Google the show you will see it on iTunes, but if you click the link it's just the advertisement page for iTunes. The goal in the next year is to get NWP onto other platforms like Stitcher and Soundcloud, but iTunes is kind of the main platform for podcasting. I'll let you know if I learn anything new, but in the meantime, just tell your friends about us and that will work wonders!

I bought a 4 year subscription to 4 Ziff Davis magazines at E3 2003, and due to the other three magazines eventually shutting down, I ended up with an extended subscription to EGM. I had every issue from 2003 to 2009 when it was closed, and I got rid of all of them. I'm kicking myself now, because my goal is to have the entire run of the original magazine. Problem is, the old issues are really expensive, and they do take up a ton of room. But I love being able to pull out an issue from, say, 1994 like I did this time and be able to look things up. I consider myself a bit of a video game historian, even if there is plenty that I don't know or have forgotten over the years.


09/11/2016 at 11:48 AM

Don't feel bad for me and my abysmal initial memories of the PlayStation.  I had a PS2 within 3 years, and I finally caught up to gaming.  Before that time we were always a generation behind and it was a breath of fresh air to find games I could actually play in regular stores.  I built up a pretty sizable collection of PSOne games over the years, even if a portion of them are Greatest Hits.  I even have copies of Project Overkill and Disruptor, both of which I have been wanting to mess around with for the past couple months, but have not plugged in my PSOne yet.


09/11/2016 at 06:11 PM

For me, the real launch date of the PS1 was September 7, 1997. I was totally uninterested in PS1 until Final Fantasy VII came out. It also opened the RPG floodgates for other games like Xenogears, Lunar 1 and 2, Tales, and of course FF8, FF9, and FF Tactics. I was in heaven. I got a few non-RPGs like Resident Evil and Tekken 3, but otherwise my PS1 was a RPG machine through and through.

Exrian Contributing Writer

09/12/2016 at 08:17 AM

Chrono Crossing 2007: Earth Defense Force 2017

I really wanted to say Odin Sphere here but EDF was so much pure fun. My fondness could be due to co-oping every lunch break with my best friend for weeks. It was a cheesy B movie, 3rd person shooter and I wouldn't have it any other way. 


Gonna be honest and say I was a bit confused on Stage Select. Whether it should be a somewhat made up game like, "I want a Telltale Zelda game." Or more traditional like Gunstar Heroes 2 (Gunstar Super Heroes doesn't count). Or completely made up like Animal Crossing meets Mass Effect in a game I call Massive Animals Crossing. Either way...


Stage Select: 

3) Okami 2: Game end on a small but potentially huge cliff hanger. That world is too beautiful to drop forever.

2) Gunstar Heroes 2: Have always dreamed of a new proper Gunstar Heroes with 8+ weapons to mix and slick cel shaded graphics.

1) Chrono [Insert Name]: I most want a 3rd Chrono game that mixes the battle system of Cross with the many tech combos of Trigger.   

Angelo Grant Staff Writer

09/12/2016 at 04:30 PM

I can't believe some of the games that I wanted to talk about but never really brought up. The Arc the Lad collection is one I loved and probably should have worked in when we were talking about Working Designs, but you know how that goes. Tenchu would have been fun to talk about when discussing either the 'edgy factor' or tank controls. Oh well, like I said, you can only fit so much into one show!


09/12/2016 at 05:10 PM

My playstation 1 memories were dominated by all Tomb Raider all the time. I also have good memories of Gran Turismo, Die Hard Trilogy, and Siphon Filter, but in the end it was all about Tomb Raider.

I played the first four games made for PS1 up through Revelations. I was really young at the time and those games were really difficult to navigate visually and handle mechanically. Things were lit so dark, the geometry and textures were archaic, and there were so many nooks and crannies in the level design that it was very easy to get lost or not know where to go, but I always came home from school wanting to play more. I got burnt out on the series after Revelations and took a long hiatus away from it after that.

It's a funny story in hindsight, Crystal Dynamics got a hold of the series during my hiatus and came out with literally all the best games in the series lol, so I missed out on those when they were fresh. The 2013 reboot got me back into it and I since went back and played everything I missed

Casey Curran Staff Writer

09/13/2016 at 10:59 PM

So glad you started off your music with the best PS1 franchise. Crash Bandicoot is about a third of my total PS1 playtime and 3/4 of it when I was a kid. I've found other games like Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania SotN which I loved, but the console just never clicked for me like it did with so many others. A lot of games like Resident Evil and any Final Fantasy on the console feel like games you had to play at the time to really appreciate.

I'm just going to give two game for Stage Select, but it's an idea I really want to see someone do: The Legend of Zelda meets Sly Cooper. Replace dungeons with heist jobs and have you get all the items fairly early. You then roam around an overworld gaining intel on the heist job until you feel you have enough to start the plan.

From there, it will limit how many items you bring and force you to use the intel to pick the correct items. You'll use the items to disable security systems and sneak past guards to get the treasure. Have it based around a mix of stealth and puzzle solving, forcing you to improvise if you didn't bring the correct items, which will cause you to get less money at the end of the heist at best if this happens. 

The other is something you'll only like if you like sports: A beat em up where your character wears your favorite team's gear or you play as any of their players. You then pick whatever teams you want to be the enemies and spend the whole game beating up their fans with the mascots and players as bosses. So if Angelo played this he'd be in Yankee gear beating up a bunch of Red Sox fans. Would be a hit and work with just about any sport.


09/21/2016 at 03:14 PM

Chrono Crossing 2007

Holy wow I can't believe I'm not picking Mass Effect (which is the best single player experience I've ever had in my life) or Halo 3 (the best co-op experience I've ever had), but I'm totally choosing the Orange Box, which is kind of a cheat answer. For the price of one game I was able to play Half Life 2 and all its expansion packs, plus Portal, and Team Fortress 2. Having all of these games on one disc for the price of one game was incredible. But not only was the Orange Box an amazing value but literally every game it contained ended up becoming some of my favorite games of all time.

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