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PlayStation TV Hands On Preview

Jason's eyes on impressions of the crazy 3D TV that allows two players to see the entire screen, rather than needing to split the screen.

Straight after the Sony press conference today, I was able to go, hands on - or more accurately - eyes on, with the PlayStation branded 3D TV. The TV as you have already heard is 24" and will be offered at release for $499. It's clear from the set up here, which is strewn with beer cans and looks like a frat house, that the TV will be marketed at college students.

More importantly though, you are probably wondering how it looks. I can say that with the glasses off, things look interesting. Similar to looking at other 3D screens without glasses, there is a blurry merge of similar offset images, but here, the images being blurred together are disparate, as each viewer sees a different picture.

With the glasses on, clearly things are improved, showing primarily the proper image. In my experience, there was definite ghosting from the other player's display. The colors looked a bit dull, though the picture was sharp. It's not quite perfect, but it was absolutely functional.

The glasses seem to be a separate issue, as they don't hold a very long charge right now and use a significant amount of energy to sync with the television. Thankfully, they can be charged via USB, which should make them easy enough to keep constantly charged when not in use.



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