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Nerds Without Pants   

Nerds Without Pants Episode 232: Radio NWP

You're listening to 101.5, The Game, KNWP!

Hey there! This is the craziest Nerds Without Pants EVER! We only got a handful of songs for Stage Select, so instead of talking about 7 or 8 songs and calling it a day we decided to create an entire two hour block of radio programming that approaches UHF levels of insanity. Yep, this is happening. Check it out!

00:00 – 14:27 Go fish

14:27 – 2:40:10 STAGE SELECT: Radio NWP

2:40:21 – 5:40:39 CONSUMPTION JUNCTION: Saints Row, Ghostwire Tokyo, Immortality, Inscryption, Horizon: Forbidden West, Elden Ring

5:41:17 – 5:56:49 VIDEO GAME CAGE MATCH: Dynasty Warriors 9 vs Earth Defense Force 4

5:56:58 – 6:05:47 Outro and outtakes


STAGE SELECT: What are some of your favorite mini games?

VIDEO GAME CAGE MATCH: Dr. Mario vs Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine




Reiwa Labyrinth- Hidenori Shoji (Yakuza: Like a Dragon), Axe to Grind- Lyn (Persona 5 Strikers), Theme of M. Bison- Yoko Shimomura (Super Street Fighter IV), The Final Battle- Tsukasa Saito (Elden Ring), Dead of Night- Daniel Olsen (Sayonara Wild Hearts), Your Love is Like a Drug- Garoad (VA-11 HALL-A), City Streets 2 (Mango Tango)- Jake Kaufman (Double Dragon Neon), Right There, Ride On- Hideki Naganuma (Sonic Rush), Let’s Go Away- Takenobu Mitsuyoshi (Daytona USA), Burning Hearts Burning ANGEL- Naofumi Hataya (Burning Rangers), Donden- Yoshino Aoki (Breath of Fire III), What’s Pink and Sucks?- TrashCanEagle (Kirby’s Adventure 2), Baka Mitai- Mitsuharu Fukuyama (Yakuza series), Donkey Kong Rap- Grant Kirkhope (Donkey Kong 64), Rules of Nature- Jamie Christopherson (Metal Gear Rising Revengeance), Follow/Unfollow- OFK (We Are OFK), Savage of the Ancient Forest- Yuko Komiyama (Monster Hunter World), Where We Belong- Yasunori Mitsuda (Xenoblade Chronicles 3), One Last You- Yasunori Mitsuda (Xenoblade Chronicles 2), One More Win- Kimara Lovelace (R4/Ridge Racer), The Last Lord- David Fenn (Death’s Door), Path to Glory- Darren Korb (Pyre), It’s Dangerous to Go Alone- Jonathan Geer (Cook, Serve, Delicious 3), Roll Me In- Yui Asaka (Katamari Damacy), I Am the Chowder Man- Hot Dad (Hypnospace Outlaw), Real Emotion- Kumi Koda (Final Fantasy X-2), I Am the Wind- Cynthia Harrell (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night), Deep Sea Bass- Danny Baranowski (Crypt of the Necrodancer), Katana ZERO- LudoWic (Katana Zero), Sandstorm- Mick Gordon (Killer Instinct), Fleeting Worlds/Outsider- Keiichi Okabe (Nier Replicant), The Natural Playboy- Hideyuki Tanaka (Bust a Groove), Theme of X-23- Hideyuki Fukasawa (Marvel vs Capcom 3)

Twitter: @NWPcast


Our theme song “Relax” and interstitial tracks “To the Maxx” and “Moody Grooves” are written and performed by Megan McDuffee.




09/14/2022 at 01:28 PM

Stage Select:

Final Fantasy VII's Gold Saucer had some fun little minigames. I spent a fair amount of time on the Chocobo racing chasing the Quadra Magic and Knights of the Round Materia by cheat - I mean, using legitimate racing assist methods. There was "G-Bike", which was based on Cloud riding a motorcycle with his giant-ass sword. There was "Snow Game," aka the snowboarding game. The lameness of the name was kind of funny in itself, but the game itself was probably second to 1080 Snowboarding as the best snowboarding game on 5th gen consoles. And then there was "Mog House..."

The Battleship minigame in Wind Waker. You know, the one with the guy who wears all the cutout signs and says "spliiiiish" and "Ka-BOOM!" in response to misses or hits. Honestly, Zelda on its own could fill this list.

The Mario Bros mini-game included with Super Mario Bros 3 and the Super Mario Advance games, which helped that game be well known long after a lot of other early arcade games were forgotten. It was fun to take a break from the main game with my cousin. These days, though, the original arcade game is available on Switch, so that's what I play, as Mario Bros is still near the top of my list of favorite arcade games. But hey, Super Mario Bros 3 was so awesone, it had a full arcade game as a minigame.

Cage Match: 

Dr. Robotnik and his chicken sidekick from the DiC cartoon show up ready to rumble, but Dr. Mario slips him a pill which turns out to be Versed, which is a powerful sedative. Dr. Robotnik goes down for the count. Dr. Mario wins, although he is now described as a person of interest in a DEA investigation.

Cary Woodham

09/15/2022 at 04:50 PM

Mini Games:

I always liked the Captain Toad mini levels in Super Mario 3D World.  I thought to myself, "They should make a whole game out of those."  And then they did!

Another favorite is the Chocobo Hot and Cold game from FF9. I liked how they used the whole world map like a treasure hunt.  And the music they play while you search for map pieces is great (Vamo' alla Flamenco)

WarioWare is the king of mini games.  In WarioWare D.I.Y., you could make your own mini games and share them with the world.  There was one game on there called "Feed a Kitty" that someone made, and it was so awesome.  I bet the person who made it is really cool.

OK, that person who made "Feed a Kitty," that was me.  And the game was dumb.  But Nintendo must've liked it because it won one of their contests and was featured for everyone to download on their server for a while.  Just one of the feathers in my gaming cap.

Cage Match:

Dr. Mario wins.  It's one of my mom's favorite games.  Besides, if I wanted to play a reskinned Puyo Puyo, I'd rather play Kirby's Avalanche.


09/22/2022 at 04:16 PM

This was a fun show! I'd listen to that radio station.

Stage Select:

My kids recently pulled out my copy of Kirby's Dream Collection for the Wii and played Kirby 64. While they did try out the main game, they spent most of the time playing the multiplayer mini games and it brought back many turn-of-the-millennium memories for me. My favorite of the bunch is the game where all the players walk around on a square field of blocks, shooting out their color in a line in front of them and making those blocks fall (the blocks reappear after a second). The goal is to make all your opponents fall. It's a simple concept but gets frantic in a hurry with four players.

Cage Match:

Dr. Robotnik comes to the ring with derivative moves stolen from a better game while Dr. Mario, despite whether or not you like his game, at least brings his own original repertoire. Besides, he can just self-medicate during the match to numb any pain and keep going. Dr. Mario wins.


09/23/2022 at 11:04 AM

Just an update, I'm finally back home from the fire evacuation and am only 3 hours behind on this new one!  Not bad considering, and boy is it a good one.  Reminds me of wandering around SimCopter with the radio blaring about Mr. Fuzzy's Mouse Tail and Asparagus Cat Food, Harry's Puddings ("Whatever he does, it sure makes a difference!  Harry's: Engineered for smoother texture."), One-Eyed Bob's ("I want the best for my family.  So for vacuum-packed bricks of military surplus nutritional substitute I go to One-Eyed Bob's, where clerks double-bag on request.  Follow the fog 'til you run out of gas, then turn left.  Bob's."), or trying to catch all of Lazlow's stuff in Grand Theft Auto.  Great stuff!  I do resent the implication I would submit a "troll" entry.  Mine was 100% genuine Booky.  As are all the other terrible things I submit.

Oh, my Cage Match submission below is a non-vote, but that felt right considering.

I don't want to once again mention Human Revolution, and I think I'll save Haggleman for another day, so I'm going to go with Gnat Attack, originally from Mario Paint.  I'm sure most people know what it is but if you don't, it's kind of a "fixed shooter" (or single-screen shooter) where your ship is a hand trying to swat flies with a swatter.  Your hand is vulnerable and controlled entirely by the Super Nintendo Mouse so it has a free-flowing feel to it.  I'd spend hours on it, beating the weird robot fly boss King Watinga in loops repeatedly and once I even unlocked all 15 icons (which isn't as hard as you think, carpal tunnel notwithstanding).  I always thought it would have made a good one of those weird little Wii experiments Nintendo was fond of, but I guess maybe it was a bit too gruesome.  But there has been a few versions of it, most notably in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$ as a full non-micro mini-game, complete with a Wario hand.  It even shows up in the original Mario Maker.  Fun fact, there must have been a few developers that were fans of it, as in June 2020 it was found that a reimagining of it even showed up in a prototype for the Nintendo 64 Disc Drive game Mario Artist: Paint Studio, though unfortunately it was unfinished and removed completely from the final product.  How odd!

You have one licensed doctor throwing quote-unquote vitamins, while the other mass-manufactures... mean beans?  Is this the state of our healthcare system?  The insurance companies win.

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