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PB & Jason   

PB & Jason Issue 51: This is a Deep Issue

You can tell because this week's article is monochromatic.

This week's PB & Jason is very deep. It has a great atmosphere. You can tell it's not one of those big fancy-shmancy industry podcasts, because those have color.

Oh, wait, I confused PB & Jason for a topic in Issue #51: Limbo. The video game, not the game that involves bending over and a stick that's taking the youth across the nation by storm.

Also in this issue? Basic news review, including such deep, thought-provoking, rich topics, as a Red 3DS, Nintendo Selects, Rock Band 3, Maroon 5, and Mega Man.

Just remember, this PB & Jason is great for air and space travel: There are layers upon layers of atmosphere inside.



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