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Mass Effect Primer

Never played another game in the Mass Effect series? Looking for a refresher before taking up the helm of the Normandy again? Our Primer will help you get up to speed.

One month after the attack on the Normandy Liara T’Soni arrives on Omega in search of Commander Shepard’s body. Apparently his body has been recovered by the Shadow Broker who is in the process of selling it to the Collectors. Along the way she will come into contact by Miranda Lawson, an agent for Cerberus, who recruits Liara’s aid with the promise of resurrecting Shepard. Cerberus is a terrorist organization that Shepard had some confrontations with in the past, their stated mission to advance human supremacy at any cost. While Liara questions if it is the right thing to do, she can’t bear the thought of Shepard staying dead and aids the terrorist organization.

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