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Mass Effect 3 Review

So, it has come to this.

Five years ago BioWare released Mass Effect to the world. The first game in an epic RPG trilogy with the ambitious goal of having your character’s actions and accompanying consequences carry over from game to game;  creating an ever more complex and living world quite literally shaped by the player. As a result, Mass Effect 3 is forced to undergo scrutiny for not only how it handles as a standalone game, but as a conclusion to BioWare’s half-decade efforts as well. 

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Mass Effect Primer

Never played another game in the Mass Effect series? Looking for a refresher before taking up the helm of the Normandy again? Our Primer will help you get up to speed.

The unique world of Mass Effect, put together by BioWare, is nothing short of remarkable, already being argued by people as being the most influential sci-fi universe of our generation.

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