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Backloggers Anonymous Too Human Part 3

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On this, the final episode of Backloggers Anonymous covering Too Human, we discuss the final two missions, the overall plot and story, and dig a little deeper into the issues we had with some of the choices the game designers made. Joaquim gives up on his quest for dragon armor, Julian explains his love/hate relationship with Denis Dyack, and I, now free from pain meds, discusses my difficulty understanding Baldur as a character. Finally, we say our goodbyes and offer our final opinions of our journey though Too Human.

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Backloggers Anonymous Too Human Part 2


Welcome back to Backloggers Anonymous for part two of our three part series on Too Human. At this point, we've finished half of the game (the first two missions) and have gotten a pretty good feel for what the title has to offer.

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Backloggers Anonymous Too Human Part 1

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

We call it our library, our collection, our pile of shame. They are games we meant to play, meant to finish, or even just meant to take out of the shrink wrap. We had to own them, had to experience them, and yet there they sit collecting dust. Gamers call it their backlog. We call it a problem, and we aim to deal with this problem one meeting at a time. 

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