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Nintendo Releases Wii System Update 4.2

The latest firmware isn't feature rich, but it seeks to eliminate all homebrew hacks and apps.

Today, Nintendo released their latest firmware update to the Wii, System Update 4.2. Though light on features, the firmware update makes a direct attack on all homebrew software on a user's system.

For those unfamiliar with the Wii homebrew scene, the Wii has an odd way of managing updates to the system. Each update is cached and stored on the system, providing an easy hacking point for homebrew developers. It allows them to create custom updates that are in turn accessible via applications run on the homebrew channel.

System Update 4.2 goes through and updates all of these cached updates, neutering their use for homebrew custom updates. Additionally, the update has modified the system's boot file, which keeps homebrew users from booting their Wii into older versions of the system firmware. If users attempt to do so after updating, they will brick their Wii.

Finally, the update removes the Homebrew Channel and any custom firmware homebrew users may have installed.

Users who attempt to bypass updating their system will no longer have access to the Wii Shop Channel, as an update to that has also been included with System Update 4.2.



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