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Sony Announces Two Resistance 3 Bundles

One will be packaged with a peripheral, the other with a 3D TV.

Tonight, Sony announced two brand new bundles for their upcoming sci-fi first-person shooter, Resistance 3.

The first is called the Sharpshooter Bundle, and will include Resistance 3, Move, Camera, Navigation, and the Sharpshooter. This package will retail for $150.

The second was created with the intention of creating an affordable entry into the world of 3D gaming for those who have yet to make the financial leap on a 3D TV. With the average price of a 3D television hovering around $2,500 and a pair of glasses adding close to, or over, $100 per person, the technology is currently prohibitively expensive to many average consumers. As such, Sony has created a bundle that will include a Playstation branded 24 inch 3D TV, one pair of 3D glasses, an HDMI cable, and Resistance 3, that will total to $499.00.

Unlike traditional 3D television and glasses sets, each individual gamer will now be able to see the entire screen when playing along with a friend. Rather than splitting the screen in usual multiplayer fashion, the 3D glasses included in the bundle will only display the wearer's game view. As previously stated, one pair of these glasses will be included with the bundle; additional pairs will be sold separately for $69.99 each.




07/28/2011 at 09:22 AM

looks nice

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