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Resistance 3 Hands On Preview

Last night, Jason played Resistance 3D, check out his thoughts on the game!

Insomniac returns to the world of Resistance with the third installment in the hit franchise. I only played a little portion of the original Resistance, so bear in my mind I may not know the title or name for everything.

The town in the demo was called Haven, as seen on a water tower that was crawling with Chimera. The most noticeable thing was a giant ship in the distance firing energy down on the Earth. I don’t know too many details about the ship, but the best description I can come up with to describe it isto compare it to the Romulan mining ship from the newest Star Trek movie. This giant ship was doing essentially the same thing that ship did and surrounding it was circle of electrical clouds.

The ship seemed to be a major focus of the stage and my guess is the goal is to eventually work your way toward it and take it down. On top of that there were dropships everywhere, dropping in enemies all over the place. I can’t say too much more than that.

The weapons featured were both Chimeran and human weapons fitted with Chimeran parts. As is true of the franchise, part of your success will revolve around using Chimeran weapons, because hey, it’s 1957 and Earth technology isn’t that incredible.

One gun I saw used that looked familiar was a revolver. All the rest seemed a little bit alien to me, but keep in mind that I don’t play a ton of first-person shooters, so I’m not great at naming these things.

I want to talk about health for a little bit. In the first title a new feature was that your health would regenerate if you stood still or weren’t attacked for some time. However, in this title, there is no health regeneration. What winds up happening is that you focus on survival, or that’s what the Insomniac rep wanted to make sure was stated. So there will be health packs scattered around in obvious health pack locations as you raid ravaged homes and buildings and try to stay alive. You won’t be able to sit and regenerate, which forces you to keep moving.

There is a quick cutscene where the Chimera jump from the Haven water tower to join the fight so more shooting out happens. And then at one point we died and you could see bugs flying above the grass, above patches of dirt, so it was a nice little touch of detail. So you should expect it to be pretty detailed as far as games go.

It will see a September release and feature a co-op campaign both online and offline. 16-player multiplayer, vs. battles, those kinds of things will happen online and the maps are based on different countries of the world. The only two they would let us know about right now were the USA and England and the rest would have to be found out later.

The goal in Resistance 3 is to make it to the wormhole in New York and save humanity. I suppose the wormhole connects the Chimeran planet to Earth. It takes place in 1957, four years after Resistance 2.

The weapon wheel returns for Resistance 3. You can have 12 weapons on it and each weapon will upgrade from usage. If you use a weapon for a while, shoot down a lot of enemies and cause a lot of damage, the weapon will automatically upgrade. Each weapon has a unique secondary ability, like secondary fire.

If you’re a big fan of Resistance then everything great about the franchise seems to be returning. It will be more tense this time around. As was mentioned at the press conference, you will be going in and out of resistance gangs. That should be interesting but we didn’t get to see that up close.

So that’s all I’ve got for Resistance 3. Be sure to stay tuned to PixlBit for more previews and news in the coming days.



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