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Details on Saints Row Season Pass Revealed

Get three mission packs and some vampy threads for one lump sum.

As publishers try to circumvent the whole used market rigamarole, some ideas fall flat and anger consumers (see: Batman Arkham City) while others seem to stick. The online passes have been a controversial step taken recently, and you can read our thoughts about that subject in our roundtable discussion. But the Season Pass is a relatively new concept that has gained traction recently thanks to Mortal Kombat and Gears of War 3. Saints Row the Third will be going the Season Pass route as well, and we have the first details on what you’ll be getting and how much you’ll pay.

The season pass will give you access to three pieces of DLC to be released next year, as well as a bonus pack titled Nyte Blayde. Yes, you read that correctly. Nyte Blayde is basically a cosmetic pack, and you can see the items pictured below. You’ll get that red sports car, the Bloody Canoness outfit, Altar Boy outfit, and the Bloody Canoness motorcycle. The Nyte Blayde pack will be released on November 15.

The true meat of the Season Pass will be the three mission packs, however. Coming in January is Genkibowl VII, which will be some sort of city-wide sporting event. Later in the winter will be Gangstas in Space, wherein the Saints go on a “science-fiction misadventure”. Lastly, in the spring you can expect The Trouble With Clones. We have no details at all for this mission, other than the description of “copy-cat killing at its finest.”

While there was no word on the prices for these three missions individually, the Season Pass is set to cost $19.99, and is said to work out to a 15% discount over purchasing the content piecemeal.



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