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3rd Parties Have Final Wii U Devkits in Hand

Does this mean that the next Nintendo console will see more support?

What Nintendo showed at the 2011 E3 Wii U reveal was only a taste of what their new console would be capable of.  The sizzle reel displayed footage of games running on competing platforms and the conceptual demos were not running on final hardware.  Truth be told, the Wii U’s coming out party may have resulted in more questions than answers.  Nintendo promised strong third party support, but it’s largely been unknown when developers would get a chance to really work with the hardware.

According to, Nintendo revealed to them at this year’s CES that “3rd party developers have already received final devkits.”  What this means is that developers such as EA and Ubisoft now have a complete understanding of what the final product is going to be able to support and now have the tools to experiment and innovate as they wish.

No word was given on how long these devkits have been in developers hands, or which developers actually have them.  It can be presumed that these were distributed to allow enough time for developers to pull together enough material to show at this year’s E3, which Nintendo has promised will play host to a plethora of new announcements and reveals.  




01/25/2012 at 12:09 AM

They got the devkits, so now what are they going to with them? Will they take advantage of the Wii U's abilities, or just crank out slopply 360 ports with obligotory, half-assed, shoe horned touchscreen features?

Matt McLennan Staff Alumnus

01/25/2012 at 12:21 AM

The latter, most people who will buy the WiiU will buy it for Nintendo games first and foremost unless western third parties don't half ass their shit.

I am still buying a WiiU at launch, and I will support games like Ninja Gaiden 3. Though after the 3DS launch I am expecting Nintendo will NOT hold back a major hitter because of whiny third parties saying they can't compete with Nintendo.

But if Pro Daisy's Third Party Wall of Shame proved anything, is that western third parties are lazy (no, ignore the shovelware publishes and focus on the major ones, if Nintendo gives them the freedom and all they do is publish shit then I think Nintendo needs to bring back those rules from the NES days again).


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