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Get Midnight Club II Free on Steam

Just don't expect it to work on a new computer.

If you like free games, there’s a pretty easy way to score Midnight Club II on your Steam account through the weekend.  Simply join the Rockstar Steam community before 10 AM PDT on May 15 and a free, non-giftable copy of the game will arrive in your account sometime before May 29. Just be aware that this version of the game won’t run on Windows 7 or Vista.  This probably limits the audience for the game considerably, but for those still rocking Windows XP on an aging rig might finally have a new game to boot up on their systems.

Midnight Club II was released in 2003 and fared pretty well with critics, nabbing a metacritic score of 81.  The PC game is a port of the PlayStation 2 arcade racer where you compete in illegal street challenges across Los Angeles.  So, if you have a Pentium III that can handle the underground racing scene, be sure to join up and get your free game.



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When I was a wee lad in the arcades, motorcycle racers were not often a priority for me to spend my quarters. I was too busy playing After Burner, Galaga, or Ms. Pac-Man. But one day, I saw something that stood out from the usual bunch- Sega’s Super Hang-On, initially released in 1987. As I hopped on the mechanical bike and blasted around that first corner, I knew it was worth every quarter spent. I was one with the road- until I crashed seconds later. While I never won the race or played it in the arcade again, I always remembered how much fun it was. Thankfully, most of the traits that made the coin-op version fun translated well on the Sega Genesis.